Where To Stream The Get Together?

‘The Get Together’ is a comedy movie directed by Will Bakke, who also penned the screenplay with Michael B. Allen. It follows a misfit group of young 20-somethings who end up at the same party and deal with their personal conflicts. It stars Alejandro Rose-Garcia, Johanna Braddy, Jacob Artist, and Courtney Parchman in the lead roles. The movie is based on Bakke’s 2015 short film of the same name and is a feel-good movie that falls in the house party subgenre that has risen to prominence since the turn of the century.

It deftly handles multiple interconnected stories, and its humorous exploration of emerging adulthood will remind you of the Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen starter film ‘Superbad.’ If you enjoy small indie films with a big heart, you will definitely enjoy ‘The Get Together,’ and here is where you can watch it online.

What is The Get Together About?

‘The Get Together’ begins with two college roommates August and McCall, who end up at the same house party. Damien and his girlfriend, Betsy, end up at the party after being persuaded to attend it by a high school friend. As Damien tries to find the perfect moment to propose to Betsy, she is reacquainted with the old friends she shunned after moving to New York City. Caleb, a young musician whose band is falling apart, arrives at the party looking for a distraction and his rideshare driver follows him in after the artist forgets his phone in the cab. Over the course of the night, the young emerging adults learn important life lessons.

Is The Get Together On Netflix?

‘The Get Together’ is not a part of Netflix’s expansive content library. If you wish to check out something similar, we recommend ‘All My Friends Are Dead‘ about a group of teenagers at a New Year’s party who go through a shocking and bloody chain of events.

Is The Get Together On Amazon Prime?

‘The Get Together’ is not yet a part of the streaming service’s entertainment catalog but may become available on-demand soon on Amazon Prime. Alternatively, you can also choose to stream ‘The Party,’ a family-themed party movie.

Is The Get Together On Hulu?

‘The Get Together’ isn’t available to stream on Hulu. As an alternative, you can stream ‘Project X‘ about a high school students’ party, which takes a drastically wild turn.

Where to Watch The Get Together Online?

‘The Get Together’ can be purchased or rented on popular VOD platforms such as Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, Spectrum, DirecTV, Redbox, FandagoNow, YouTube, and Apple TV.

How to Stream The Get Together For Free?

Since ‘The Get Together’ has received an on-demand release, the only way to watch it as of now is by buying or renting the movie on one of the platforms mentioned above. We also strongly advocate consuming entertainment legally and by paying for it.

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