Where to Stream The Hardy Boys?

The 2020 series adaptation of ‘The Hardy Boys’ is a classic re-imagination of the famous mystery-solving teen brothers, who never miss out on deciphering a case. Set in the 80s, this show takes advantage of over 100 years of publication history to draw inspiration from. Although the tone is a bit dark, the story is extremely gritty — keeping you on your toes until the end. Moreover, since the tale is set in an era, before the internet and smartphones, the series seems like the perfect homage to the classic books. Well, if you wish to binge on ‘The Hardy Boys’ online, let’s check out if it is available on any streaming service currently.

What is The Hardy Boys About?

‘The Hardy Boys’ introduces us to the 13-year-old Joe and the 16-year-old Frank. A family tragedy forces the duo to temporarily move to the quintessential town of Bridgeport and stay with their aunt Trudy. However, the brothers soon discover that their father, Fenton Hardy, is investigating a case. When the siblings decide to pitch in, they find that the town holds many more sinister secrets.

Is The Hardy Boys on Netflix?

No, sadly not. But you are in luck if you wish to explore another show, based on a classic literary series. We are hinting at ‘Riverdale’ — the darker version of the famed ‘Archie’ comics. You can stream the show here.

Is The Hardy Boys on Amazon Prime?

Prime currently does not have the 2020 version of ‘The Hardy Boys’. But it does have the 1995-released iteration, which follows an older Frank (a journalist) and a grown-up Joe (a computer hacker) as they set about doing what they do best – solve mysteries. You can buy or rent the show here.

Is The Hardy Boys on Hulu?

Of course! ‘The Hardy Boys’ was released exclusively on Hulu and therefore, all the 13 episodes are streaming on the platform right now. You can stream the series here!

Where to Stream The Hardy Boys Online?

Currently, ‘The Hardy Boys’ is not streaming on any online service. However, several platforms do have shows, which are tv adaptations of classic written counterparts. For instance, ‘Nancy Drew’, which is a CW creation, is available on Fubo TV. Again, Google Play, as well as, Vudu, has multiple teen mystery dramas that can be streamed on your desktop or mobile devices.

Where to Stream The Hardy Boys Online For Free?

‘The Hardy Boys’ is a Hulu original. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that it will land on any other online streaming platform. And even if it does, it won’t be available for free. Several of the streaming services do offer free trials but you have to pay the subscription fee once the trial run is over. Anyways, we always recommend you to pay for the content you consume.

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