Where To Stream The Place of No Words?

Writer/director and star of the film ‘The Place of No Words’, Mark Webber, brings together his family in a movie that seeks to answer a young child’s innocent question of where do we go after we die. Mark is a terminally-ill father who has to explain to his son, in the least traumatic way possible, that he is dying and what that means for the family. Mark Webber plays Mark and his real-life wife Teresa Palmer plays his on-screen wife Teresa. The couple’s son Bodhi Palmer strikes a chord in his role as the inquisitive and imaginative (and ever so cute) Bodhi. Curious to know what the plot of ‘The Place of No Words’ is about and where you can stream the film? Here’s all you need to know!

What is The Place of No Words About?

‘The Place of No Words’ explores the dilemma that parents face when they have to explain the concept of death and mortality to their young ones. When a little boy asks his parents innocently, “Where do we go after we die?”, his terminally-ill father and helplessly lonely mother devise a fantastical story set in magical woods and mountains, trying their best to explain the meaning of death and the final goodbye. Mark and Bodhi make up a story that keeps unfolding in a fantasy world (with them appearing as Vikings), while in the real world, they go about playing in their bright apartment. The movie has a slightly structurally jarring narrative as the scenes keep switching from real life to imagination and back. For example, in the fantasy sequence, we see Bodhi slaying a dragon, then the scene cuts to the reality where he is hitting an inflatable dragon with his stick. It’s a sweet and endearing film, overall.

Is The Place of No Words on Netflix?

‘The Place of No Words’ is not on the streaming giant Netflix. But for interested audiences, ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday‘ looks like a great alternative.

Is The Place of No Words on Hulu?

‘The Place of No Words’ is not on Hulu. If you’re looking for something similar to watch with your family, ‘My Girl‘ is a good option on Hulu.

Is The Place of No Words on Amazon Prime?

‘The Place of No Words’ is not part of Amazon Prime’s streaming roster but a similar alternative watch is the film ‘Flipped‘.

Where To Watch The Place of No Words Online?

‘The Place of No Words’ is available for rent or purchase as video-on-demand on VuduiTunes.

How To Stream The Place of No Words For Free?

Currently, since this film is only available as VOD on iTunes and no other streaming website, it is not possible to watch it for free anywhere. It may get added to one of the streaming platforms in the future.

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