Where to Stream The Vigil?

‘The Vigil’ is a supernatural horror film surrounding the appalling and mysterious events a young man experiences while keeping vigil over a dead body. The film is the directorial debut of Keith Thomas. The horror movie has a cast led by Dave Davis as the protagonist Yakov Ronen. Other notable cast members include Menashe Lustig as Reb Shulem, Malky Goldman as Sarah, Fred Melamed as Dr. Kohlberg, and Lynn Cohen as Mrs. Litvak. ‘The Vigil’ has already garnered positive reviews from the critics and has acquired intrigue from the lovers of the horror genre. If you are interested in knowing where you can watch the movie, we might have the answer for you.

What is The Vigil About?

Yakov, a young man, has been chosen to keep a vigil over the body of a departed member from his Jewish community. The person who reaches out to him offers him cash in return for taking responsibility for the age-old custom. Yakov agrees, and he goes over to the location on the day he is summoned. While on his duty, Yakov starts noticing and experiencing strange things like lights flickering and shadows moving. It is soon revealed that he has been targeted by an evil spirit. Jewish mythology dictates that a Mazzikin is an invisible demon capable of causing major problems. In ‘The Vigil,’ Yakov must embrace his Jewish cultures and teachings to escape the wrath of the spirit and save himself.

Is The Vigil On Netflix?

No, ‘The Vigil’ is not yet on Netflix. However, if you are interested in watching some similar films where demonic spirits haunt individuals within the four walls of a house, we recommend ‘His House’ (an immigrant couple is haunted by a sinister force living in their new home) and ‘Marianne’ (an evil spirit from a horror writer’s dreams comes to life and causes trouble in the writer’s home and life).

Is The Vigil On Hulu?

‘The Vigil’ is not yet available on Hulu. The platform has other similar horror stories based on folklore, legends, and myths. For instance, ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ (a film about a woman who drowned her kids in rage and now haunts other families in LA) or ‘Anabelle: Creation’ (the origin story of the infamous haunted doll, Annabelle).

Is The Vigil On Amazon Prime?

‘The Vigil’ is available on Amazon Prime to buy or rent as VOD. If you’re looking for free Prime content, you can alternatively watch the ‘Insidious’ series, which follows a family that gets targeted by the malicious spirits living within their home.

Where To Watch The Vigil Online?

‘The Vigil’ is available to buy or rent on VOD platforms, including iTunes, Microsoft Store, YouTube, and Vudu. It will also be available to stream on Google Play, DirecTV, Xfinity, and Spectrum.

How To Stream The Vigil For Free?

‘The Vigil’ is currently only available in theatres and on the VOD platforms mentioned above. We believe that the cinematic arts shouldn’t be consumed illegally, and hence we advise our readers to always pay for the content they consume.

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