Where to Stream The Wretched?

Despite being a relatively low-budget film, ‘The Wretched’ has managed to garner quite a lot of hype around it and the credit for that mostly goes to its timely plot twists and ambiguous ending. Apart from that, the film is also quite gory and reminiscent of some clichéd witch-centric movie tropes. ‘The Wretched’ may not be among the best offerings of the genre but if you’re into horror movies, you might want to check this one out. So in the article below, we’ve listed down all the streaming websites where you can watch ‘The Wretched.’

What Is The Wretched About?

Bringing new life to old European lore, ‘The Wretched’ revolves around strange creatures who possess several unusual abilities, one of which allows them to disguise themselves as other humans. Ben, the main character of the movie, is a defiant teenager who visits his father’s home after the imminent divorce of his parents. But things take a very twisted turn when he soon discovers that an old witch is living in the body of his next-door neighbor. The more investigates the odd occurrences in his neighborhood, the more he realizes that the terrors of the witch hit far too close to his own home than he had initially anticipated.

Is The Wretched On Netflix?

Unfortunately, ‘The Wretched’ is not on Netflix. However, you stream other great horror movies like ‘The Ring‘, ‘Gerald’s Game‘, and many others on the streaming website.

Is The Wretched On Hulu?

Hulu might come off as a mere replacement of cable television along with a few original offerings of its own. But one look at its huge repository of movies and you’ll realize that it’s not too far behind compared to other streaming giants. Although ‘The Wretched’ is not available on Hulu, you can stream other quality horror films like ‘Annihilation‘ and ‘28 Weeks Later’ on the platform.

Is The Wretched On Amazon Prime?

It is well known that Amazon Prime has been churning out some very enticing content that suits the unique taste of almost every viewer. Even when it comes to horror, the streamer offers you several terrifying thrillers like ‘Amityville Horror‘ and ‘A Quiet Place.’ Unfourutnaly, for now, ‘The Wretched’ cannot be streamed on Amazon Prime, but you can rent the film here.

Where Can I Stream The Wretched Online?

There’s a bevy of sites that allow you to rent movies and among these, several some even allow you to rent ‘The Wretched’ in both HD and 4K formats. You can rent ‘The Wretched’ on Amazon for 5.99$, on Apple Store at 6.99$, and on Vudu for 6.99$.

Can I Stream The Wretched Online For Free?

As of now, no legit websites allow you to stream ‘The Wretched’ for free but using the options mentioned above, you can rent the movie at very a nominal fee.