Where to Stream Wander?

‘Wander’, directed by April Mullen and written by Tim Doiron, is a racy thriller that was originally screened at the Deauville American Film Festival. Starring Aaron Eckhart, Tommy Lee Jones, Katheryn Winnick, and Heather Graham, the story follows an investigator, who is hired to solve a murder, which is probably related to the death of his daughter. In his quest, he needs to save a small town, plagued with innumerable crimes. Well, ‘Wander’ has finally made its debut for the American audience. If you are wondering where you can stream this flick, we have you covered!

What is Wander About?

‘Wander’ opens with a disclaimer: “To all indigenous, black, and people of color who are targeted, and have been displaced through border control on stolen land. May we expose government violence, propel change, and honor the voices of those who have been silenced. ‘Wander’ was filmed on the homelands of the Pueblo, Navajo, and Apache peoples.”

The scene then shifts to a remote desert (right outside the city Wander), where a woman is shot down. Later, we meet Arthur and Jimmy, who are summoned by the mother of the dead woman to investigate the case. Although Arthur is skeptical in the beginning, Jimmy manages to coerce him into going to the site and checking out the murder. As Arthur dives deeper into the case, he gets that lingering feeling that the incident is connected to the conspiracy theory, surrounding the death of his daughter.

Is Wander on Netflix?

No, ‘Wander’ is not on Netflix. But if racy, action-packed thrillers are your thing, then you can check out ‘Extraction’, which is currently available on the streamer.

Is Wander on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, ‘Wander’ has not dropped on Amazon Prime either. However, in a similar vein, you can watch ‘White House Down’. The movie follows a Capitol policeman who gears up to save his daughter and protect the American President when a gang of terrorists seizes the White House. You can watch the film here.

Is Wander on Hulu?

Although Hulu is the go-to platform for many movies, ‘Wander’ is not on this platform either. But here is a list of assorted action thrillers that you can check out on the service.

Where to Stream Wander Online?

There is a host of options to stream ‘Wander’ online. Therefore, you are in luck! You can buy or rent the movie on Fandango Now, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play. Otherwise, you can head here, book a suitable slot and theater, buy your tickets, and watch the movie in a cinema.

Where to Stream Wander For Free?

Unfortunately, there are no free services to watch the movie. Even if it is later available on any streaming platform, you have to pay the required subscription fee (following a free trial, if available). But our advice would be to always pay for the content you consume.

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