Where to Watch Monsters of California Online?

The titillating frenzy of remarkable secrets leads a group of students on an adventurous journey in ‘Monsters of California.’ The sci-fi comedy movie revolves around Dallas Edwards, who comes across classified information. Using the information, Dallas leads his group of friends on an unexpected journey ridden with ghosts and grief. Co-written and helmed by Tom Delonge, the directorial debut features performances by Richard Kind, Jared Scott, Jack Samson, Camille Kostek, Gabrielle Haugh, Dane DiLiegro, and Casper Van Dien. The movie has garnered positive reviews upon its premiere, leaving fans more curious about the plot and all its details. So, if you’re wondering the same, look no further because we’ve got you covered!

What is Monsters of California About?

Shaken by the untimely passing of his father, teenager Dallas Edwards finds himself on a whirlwind journey after discovering a heap of research left behind by his dad, a government agent. The plot sets off with Dallas enlisting the help of his misfit high school friends to embark on the journey of righteousness and unexpected adventure. Faced with the impossible, the motley group of friends try to fend off various impediments to get to the secrets hidden by the government. Do you wish to find out if the students uncover the government’s most guarded mystery? Well, to get to the truth, you will have to view the sci-fi film yourself, and here are all the ways you can watch the same!

Is Monsters of California on Netflix?

No, ‘Monsters of California’ is unavailable for Netflix streaming. However, the online platform offers similar alternatives that you might enjoy watching, such as ‘E.T. The Extra Terrestrial’ and ‘The Goonies.’

Is Monsters of California on HBO Max?

While HBO Max does not house Tom DeLonge’s directorial debut, the streaming giant offers an array of excellent movies that you can view, some of our favorites include, ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Back to the Future.’

Is Monsters of California on Amazon Prime?

Monsters of California is not available on Amazon Prime, but you can watch Dallas Edwards and his motley group of friends investigating unique occurrences by renting the movie on the platform here.

Where to Watch Monsters of California Online?

The good news is that ‘Monsters of California’ is available on all the VOD platforms. You can watch it by renting it on Apple TV+, Vudu, Google Play, or the abovementioned Amazon Prime

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