Will There be a Whispers Season 2?

‘Whispers’ is Netflix’s first Saudi original that is a bold attempt to break stereotypes. Without jumping directly into relevant issues, the thrilling story tries a different approach. It is more subtle in narrating a tale that’s infused with characters who go against conventional expectations. Primarily featuring a cast of strong females and helmed by Saudi Arabian filmmaker Hana Alomair, fans already want to know the details of a ‘Whispers’ season 2. Well, we might have some good news in store. Read on!

Whispers Season 2 Release Date:

‘Whispers’ season 1 premiered on June 11, 2020, on Netflix, and comprised of eight episodes. Although the first season tells a self-contained story, there are speculations that ‘Whispers’ might return. Director and writer Hana Alomair is eager to continue chronicling the journeys of the characters, provided the audience response, both from Saudi and abroad, is apt. She also added that the series could change the perception of Saudis all around the world. If Netflix also echoes the same sentiments, we can expect it to greenlight the show for another outing. If that happens, ‘Whispers’ season 2 will most likely release sometime in June 2022.

Whispers Season 2 Cast: Who Can be in it?

Shaimaa Al Fadl stars as Hassan’s widow Amal while Nada Tawhid essays the role of Amal’s daughter, Wa’ad, a social media savvy young woman. Norah Al Anbar plays Amal’s second daughter, Sawsan, a graphic designer. Abdul Mohsen Alnimer stars as Hassan. Other actors who play additional pivotal characters are Mysoon Alruwaily, Elham Ali, Leila Arabi, Ali Al-Sharif, Osama Al Qass, and Mohamed Ali. Season 2 is expected to see all the lead stars reprising their original roles.

Whispers Season 2 Plot: What Can it be About?

‘Whispers’ is a psychological thriller that revolves around a family grappling with the death of the patriarch, Hassan, who passes away just a day before the launch of his company’s new smart application. However, following his death, his mysterious past resurfaces. The story is then narrated through the different perspectives of the family members. Each episode focuses on one protagonist and their views about the events preceding and following Hassan’s demise.

Along the way, we also witness the clan dealing with feuds and struggles that arise from Hassan’s business world. Although he presumably died in a car crash, Hassan’s wife Amal and daughters eventually realize that not all everything is as it seems. They even start feeling his presence in the house and get calls from his phone number.

Toward the end of season 1, we do learn the real reasons behind Hassan’s death. However, the episodes also give a fascinating insight into how the multiple characters have completely different perspectives on the situation. This is something that can be explored in the upcoming edition. After all, the primary theme of ‘Whispers’ is not the mystery in hand but the contrasting psyche of people. As Hana Alomair had previously clarified in an interview with Arab News: “Thrillers — or the types of thrillers that I like — are more psychological: You go more into the psyche, and how characters see the world. Their beliefs, and their fears also.”

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