Will There be a White Lines Season 2?

White Lines‘ is a fantastic addition to Netflix’s roster of mystery thrillers. On the surface, it sounds like a campy show that might fall on its face. However, guided by some smart use of twists, and fascinating plot elements, it leaves viewers hooked till the end, and ultimately wanting for more.

The show follows a woman who goes to Ibiza to try to get to the bottom of her brother’s death. However, she’s soon swept up in an alien world of danger and intrigue where her own life might be on the line. Created by Alex Pina, best known for ‘Money Heist,’ Season 1 of ‘White Lines’ has already earned rave reviews. Curious to find out if there will be a ‘White Lines’ Season 2? We have got the latest news and updates right here.

White Lines Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘White Lines’ Season 1 premiered on May 15, 2020. Although Netflix has not greenlit the show for another season, the positive reception it has already received from critical quarters is a good sign. The show’s future is aided by the association of Pina, whose wildly popular ‘Money Heist’ has become a talking point drawing viewers to Netflix.

After considering all this, it would not be far fetched to state that ‘White Lines’ Season 2 is likely to be greenlit by the platform. However, now the question arises about when we can see it on Netflix. Even if the show’s immediately greenlit, it would still take some time to come up with the story’s continuation, and then to film it. With the delays occurring already, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we expect ‘White Lines’ Season 2 to only release in 2022.

White Lines Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

Some of the cast members we can expect in Season 2 are Zoe Walker, who’s made some questionable moral choices while investigating her brother’s death, and Anna, who has a proclivity for organizing sex parties in Ibiza. Laura Haddock, who’s best known for her role in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ appears in the part of the curious sister who wants to find out why her brother died. Angela Griffin, the ‘Coronation Street’ alum, plays the role of Anna.

The mysterious and aristocratic Calafat family has kept things interesting since they own most nightclubs in Ibiza, and the members are dysfunctional. We might expect to see them in the new season as well. Daniel Mays is likely to be back in the role of Marcus, who notoriously has the banana boat full of cocaine in the first season. Lastly, we’d love to see more of Nuno Lopes as the resident tough guy and bodyguard of the Calafat family. He plays the role of Boxer, who later turns out to have a heart of gold.

White Lines Season 2 Plot: What can it be about?

‘White Lines’ jumps between two timelines. We see the past when Zoe’s brother goes with his friends to Ibiza and gains a reputation as a DJ. However, he disappears, and 20 years later, his body is found. Zoe, the inhibited librarian, goes to identify the body and stays on when she sees there’s no criminal case attached to her brother’s death.

Aided only by her determination to find the truth, she is drawn into the life of nightclubs and drugs that Ibiza is all too famous for. However, in this case, Zoe is not there for fun. She’s there for the truth, which turns deadly for her. Along the way, we meet several interesting characters like Marcus, whose attempts to hide a shipment of drugs helps the show embrace some farcical qualities.

The Calafat family keeps things exciting, but the real ace in the hole would be the eventually sensitive Boxer. The new season will undoubtedly see the mystery continue to unravel as other members of the Calafat family might enter the picture. Zoe’s made some morally questionable choices in her search for the truth, and they might come back to haunt her in the future.

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