Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 3: What to Expect?

In the latest episode of ‘Why Women Kill’ season 2, Alma sees the real Bertram, who kills people that are too sick and lonely to carry on. Meanwhile, Catherine takes care of her father Carlo, whose marriage with Rita is in shambles. If you skipped the television premiere, you could check out the recap section. In case you want to know what the next episode has in store, here’s what you can expect from ‘Why Women Kill’ season 2 episode 3!

Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date

‘Why Women Kill’ season 2 episode 3 is scheduled to release on June 10, 2021, at 3 am ET on Paramount+. New episodes roll out in sets or individually on Thursdays. The second season has ten episodes in total.

Where to Watch Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 3?

You can watch the third episode of ‘Why Women Kill’ season 2 on Paramount+ at the date and time mentioned above. Fans in Canada can watch it on W Network and W Network’s official site. If you want to catch up on the first season, there are multiple options available. You can buy individual episodes or entire seasons on Apple TVGoogle PlayYouTubeiTunesVudu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 3 Spoilers

‘Why Women Kill’ season 2 episode 3 might focus upon Alma and Rita’s volatile dynamic as Alma tries to get a spot in the club. Now that she has sworn not to hand Bertram over to the police, her path is all clear. But Rita is always looking to finds ways to pull her down. She might also try to find a new way to kill her husband Carlo in the next episode.

Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

‘Why Women Kill’ season 2 episode 2 is titled ‘The Woman in the Window.’ The episode kicks off with Alma reflecting upon Bertram, who is allegedly hiding a secret. She finds him outside rescuing a baby bird as he tears his tux and is just about to leave when she stops him. Elsewhere, Carlo’s daughter Catherine decides to take him back to Texas and make sure that Rita has no hold over his emotional as well as financial life.

Carlo spots Rita making out with Scooter through the window. Alma visits town looking for information about her husband’s collection, but she instead finds Maisie dead in her apartment. Alma implores Bertram to tell her the truth. Once he does, she is too stunned to process any of it. He admits that he takes lonely and sick people out of their misery at their request. On the other hand, Grace is willing to nominate Alma for the spot in the club. But when Rita mentions that they can’t elect someone whose husband has a criminal history, Alma is reluctant to report Bertram to the police. Rita plans to torment Carlo behind his daughter’s back.

On the other hand, Bertram takes out his kill kit and pens down a suicide note. But Alma walks in just as he is about to take his own life. She makes him promise never to kill again, after which he throws off his kill kit into the trash. Mrs. Yost overhears their conversation and starts digging into the rubbish pile. But while climbing up the pipe to listen better, she ends up falling to her death. Alma finds her body and buries it in the front yard.

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