Why Women Kill Season 2 Finale: Release Date and Spoilers

In this week’s episode of ‘Why Women Kill,’ Dee finds Mrs. Yost’s body exposed in the garden after Rocco digs it out. Dee leaves the house only to return after three long weeks with one goal in mind: to learn the truth from her mother. Alma, as usual, uses her powers of persuasion to convince her daughter that she is innocent. Can’t get enough of this show? Check out the recap for more updates. Now, let us dive into the details for the season 2 finale of ‘Why Women Kill’!

Why Women Kill Season 2 Finale Release Date

‘Why Women Kill’ season 2 episode 10 will release on July 29, 2021, at 3 am ET on Paramount+. Every episode of the show is around an hour long.

Where to Watch Why Women Kill Season 2 Finale Online?

You can easily log in to Paramount+ and watch the season 2 finale of ‘Why Women Kill’ at the given date and time, provided you have a subscription. Canadian viewers can stream the episode on W Network and W Network’s official site. Fans looking to catch up on the first season can watch the episodes on Apple TVGoogle PlayYouTubeiTunesVudu, and Amazon Prime Video. You can buy/rent the episodes of the show once you subscribe to these platforms.

Why Women Kill Season 2 Finale Spoilers

In the last episode of ‘Why Women Kill’ season 2, Catherine will await the consequences of her actions. It is unknown whether Bertram and Scooter have survived the shots, but whatever the outcome is, Catherine will be in huge trouble. Vern interrogating Alma might expose her lies unless she cooks up new facts about the chemicals found inside the bodies of the victims.

Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

In the ninth episode of ‘Why Women Kill’ season 2, titled ‘The Unguarded Moment,’ Alma constructs a fresh pile of lies for the sole reason of avoiding arrest. Dee had seen Mrs. Yost’s dead body dug out in the yard, and three weeks have passed since Dee left. Bertram is drinking down his sorrows, and Alma is trying to move up the social ladder. Dee then shows up unannounced, demanding to know why Mrs. Yost’s body was buried in the garden. Alma spins a web of lies portraying Mrs. Yost as the villain, so Alma had no option but to push her through the window out of self-defense.

Dee believes her, but someone outside might have heard their conversation. Vern takes a look at the chemicals observed in Carlo and Isabel’s bodies and tries to investigate the only doctor who is responsible for circulating those drugs. Rita is bailed out after her maid takes the fall for the killing, and as soon as she gets home, she wants half of Carlo’s money. Catherine, however, reminds her of her tainted history involving a brothel in El Paso and a man Isabel had shot for her. It then turns out that the man is still alive and legally married to Rita. Alma is about to kill Joan but discovers that she has been seeing someone at a hotel each Friday, so that could now be used as leverage against her.

Alma then blackmails her into dropping out of the race, and the announcement for the same is then made at Mavis’ party. We see a hint of regret flashing on Alma’s face as she sees Grace in tears. Vern later asks Alma about the drugs, and Catherine finally finds out about Scooter’s involvement in Rita’s plan. Catherine’s anger knows no bounds as she fires a bullet at Rita, but it hits Scooter instead. The next one hits a drunk Bertram walking at a distance, and the two bodies then lie motionless.

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