Will Dr. Ian Sullivan Die? Is Andrew McCarthy Leaving The Resident?

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When Cade gets shot in FOX’s medical series ‘The Resident’ season 5, Devon contacts her father Dr. Ian Sullivan to garner matching blood units. Sullivan, a pediatric surgeon who works in Seattle, flies to Atlanta to be with his daughter. The surgeon struggles with pain in the abdomen and passes out while packing to return to Seattle after meeting his daughter. In the fifth season finale, Conrad does some tests to diagnose Sullivan’s sickness and finds out that he is suffering from pancreatic cancer. Naturally, one must be expecting to know whether the surgeon will survive the disease. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Dr. Ian Sullivan Die?

When Dr. Ian Sullivan starts to feel pain in his abdomen, he dismisses it as muscle spasms. Although Cade asks him to consult a doctor to take a look at the same, he decides against it, leading to his passing out. The eventual diagnosis of pancreatic cancer astounds Sullivan, who has never considered the possibility of a severe disease while suffering from the painful episodes. As a doctor himself, Sullivan knows how life-threatening the disease is. However, we may not need to worry about the possibility of his death as he receives adequate medical care to mitigate the immediate dangers of his cancer.

Image Credit: Nathan Bolster/FOX

Sullivan requires a complicated surgical procedure named Whipple to remove his tumor. Fortunately, Dr. Bell happens to be an experienced surgeon who has performed the Whipple procedure hundreds of times. Along with Leela, Dr. Bell performs the procedure and localizes the cancer, which improves the chances of Sullivan’s survival. Since Sullivan is surrounded by efficient doctors at Chastain, his health may gradually improve under their watch. If necessary, Devon’s clinical trial results also may help him since they have helped other cancer patients. Considering these factors and possibilities, we believe that Dr. Ian Sullivan will likely stay alive.

Sullivan’s condition and the possibility of his death may have alarmed the viewers concerning the chances of Andrew McCarthy’s departure. So, is McCarthy leaving the medical drama? Let’s see.

Is Andrew McCarthy Leaving The Resident?

Neither FOX nor Andrew McCarthy has announced the actor’s departure from ‘The Resident.’ Furthermore, the actor joined the cast of the show with an option to become a series regular in the sixth season of the show. Considering the scope of McCarthy’s character, the actor and the network may choose the option for the former to remain in the show. Considering the aforementioned contract, we may see McCarthy continue featuring in ‘The Resident.’

Image Credit: Nathan Bolster/FOX

In the upcoming episodes of the sixth season, we can expect Sullivan to battle cancer to go into remission. He may decide to stay back in Atlanta and join Chastain as the hospital’s new pediatric surgeon. If that’s the case, Sullivan and Cade’s relationship may turn out to be an integral part of the narrative of season 6. If Conrad chooses Cade over Billie, he may even come in the way of the potential couple. McCarthy’s character is a window to Cade’s ambiguous past and we can expect more revelations concerning the father and daughter in season 6.

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