Will Sammie Die? Is Chedi Chang Leaving The Resident?

In FOX’s medical seriesThe Resident,’ Sammie Ackerman is the adorable adoptive granddaughter of Dr. Randolph Bell. After her biological parents’ death during the Covid-19 pandemic, she gets adopted by a couple, who abandons her when they come to know about her tumors. Bell, “AJ/The Raptor” Austin, and Bell’s son Jake Wong team up to save Sammie, and she eventually gets adopted by Jake and his partner Gregg. The twelfth episode of the sixth season ends with Sammie suffering from a mysterious ailment, alarming the viewers again concerning her fate. If you are worried about what happens to Chedi Chang’s character, here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Sammie Die?

At the end of the twelfth episode of season 6, Sammie is on a flight traveling to Atlanta with her father Jake and Gregg to see her grandfather Bell and friend Gigi. Midway through her journey, she experiences a severe stomach ache along with a fever, alarming her fathers. Sammie can be suffering from the complications of her possibly returned tumors. When she first arrives at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, her former adoptive parents believe that she will never survive the same, which leads them to abandon her. Although her condition was worse at the time, Bell, AJ, and Jake’s commendable efforts to save her rescue Sammie from death. The miracle the doctors pull off may haven’t been enough for Sammie’s survival.

Image Credit: Tom Griscom/FOX

If Sammie’s tumors have returned, her life is indeed in danger. The wonder trio that comprises Bell, AJ, and Jake cannot perform the surgery together since Bell is suffering from multiple sclerosis. In addition, Bell and Jake are personally attached to Sammie, which will stop them from operating on Sammie objectively. Since arguably the country’s best pediatric surgeon Ian Sullivan has already left Chastain, Sammie’s survival of her ailments may not be easy. Does that mean she will die? Are we seeing the last of Chedi Chang in the show? Let’s find out.

Is Chedi Chang Leaving The Resident?

As of now, neither FOX nor Chedi Chang has released an announcement concerning the actress’ departure from ‘The Resident.’ Even though Sammie’s life is severely threatened, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she will die and pave the way for Chang’s exit from the show. Engrossing surgeries have always been a part of the medical drama and Sammie’s possible surgery, which is very close to home for main characters Bell and his wife Kit Voss, seems like a suitable narrative development conceived to raise the tension in the thirteenth and final episode of the season. We can expect AJ to save Sammie with Bell, Jake, Gregg, and Voss in the audience.

Sammie’s possible surgery may also play a pivotal part in Ian’s storyline despite him leaving the hospital in the twelfth episode of the season. Since Kit and Bell do not know about his addiction, they may request the best to save their granddaughter. Sullivan may return to Chastain to save Sammie, conquering his own personal demons, which may give him the confidence to remain in Chastain and be close to his daughter Cade Sullivan. As Kit tries to save the hospital from Governor Betz’s viciousness, Sammie’s surgery may play a role in the same.

Kit emphasizes the need for saving Chastain with the help of Sammie in the sixth episode of the season. Sammie’s first and successful surgery becomes the example of what Chastain can deliver and the success of her possible surgery may move the city of Atlanta to stand behind Chastain and its survival.

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