Is Tessa Dead? Did Madison Wolfe Leave Mayfair Witches?

The sixth episode of AMC’s supernatural series ‘Mayfair Witches’ follows Rowan Mayfair’s efforts to free herself from the control of Lasher with the help of a group of Mayfair women. When Rowan contemplates ways to save herself from the thrall of the supernatural entity, her cousin Tessa Mayfair meets and asks her to use her powers against a hostile group that threatens witches. Rowan dismisses Tessa since she is only focused on freeing herself from Lasher, which leads the young girl to confront the group on her own. Her plans, however, threaten her life. Naturally, the viewers must be concerned about the character’s fate and Madison Wolfe’s future in the series. Here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Tessa Dead?

Yes, Tessa is dead. To free herself from Lasher, Rowan seeks the help of her uncle Cortland Mayfair. He reveals to her that Lasher’s control can be transferred to another Mayfair, citing the example of how Katherine Mayfair transferred the same to his father Julien Mayfair. With the help of a group of elders, Rowan “pulls” Lasher out of herself and vomits the necklace that binds him. The group of women hands over the necklace to Tessa, who proudly accepts the same to become the beloved of the supernatural entity. She thinks that she will be as powerful as other Mayfair witches by accepting Lasher and sets out to confront Keith Murfis, one of the members of the hostile group against witches, upon assuming a fake identity.

Although Tessa tries to trick Keith, he realizes that the girl who reaches out to him for a meeting is a Mayfair. He informs the leader of the group about the meeting and the latter arrives with a few men to confront Tessa. In the seventh episode of the series, Keith and others try to elicit a confession of being a witch from Tessa so that they can publicize the same to prove the existence of the witches. To force her to confess, they decide to burn her alive. Rowan and her Mayfair relatives find her location by the time. The neurosurgeon arrives at the place and hurts the members of the anti-witch community.

Rowan frees Tessa and they both try to escape from the place, only for Keith to shoot at the younger Mayfair woman. Tessa gives Lasher’s necklace to Rowan and asks her to wear the same since she wasn’t connected to the supernatural entity despite the ritual. Tessa loses her life due to her belief that Lasher will save her even if she walks into danger. Since Tessa isn’t the thirteenth Mayfair witch, who is destined to free him from his supernatural existence, he doesn’t bother to save her. Does that mean we saw the last of Madison Wolfe in the series? Let’s find out.

Did Madison Wolfe Leave Mayfair Witches?

As of now, neither AMC nor Madison Wolfe has released a statement concerning the actress’ departure from ‘Mayfair Witches.’ Although Tessa dies, death isn’t carved in stone in the supernatural universe inhabited by the Mayfairs. Rowan sees her mother Deirdre Mayfair (Annabeth Gish) even after her death, although she is truly Lasher with the late woman’s appearance. Like Ciprien encounters a dead Suzanne and a late Talamasca agent, he may even see Tessa in one of his visions.

According to IMDb, Madison Wolfe’s Tessa is a part of the cast of the eighth episode of the series, titled ‘What Rough Beast.’ Thus, it is safe to say that we haven’t seen the last of Tessa in the series. We can expect her to show up in Rowan’s visions, provoking her to exact vengeance on Keith and the anti-witch group for killing her. Ciprien may touch her to find out what she had to endure while being held as a captive.

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