Will The Losers Sequel Ever Be Made?

Director Sylvain White brings a highly entertaining cocktail in the 2010 action thriller ‘The Losers.’ Based on the titular DC comic book series by Andy Diggle and Jock, the story revolves around an elite black-op team who go by the name of “the Losers.” A team of five specialists, they stick together through thick and thin. But when a covert operation in Bolivia goes awry, they are forced to lay low. However, a mysterious woman named Aisha meets the team leader, offering to divulge information on the perpetrator. Aided by Aisha, they embark upon a suicide mission.

Spanning across four continents, containing ample quotable dialogues, and fraught with international intrigue, the movie is a seemingly unfaltering package. Moreover, the all-starer cast ensemble comprising Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, Idris Elba, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan makes the journey more pleasing with their remarkably eccentric acting skills. But following the open-ended finale of the movie, you may be wondering whether there is a sequel underway. In that case, let us investigate the prospects of a follow-up.

The Losers Sequel Release Date

‘The Losers’ premiered on April 23, 2010, across US and Canadian theatres. Let us now consider the prospects of the follow-up.

It seems that there was always a prospect for the movie to have a sequel. At least, that is what a major section of the fans thought. While the director did not divulge anything about a prospective sequel, with the DC backing and a vast amount of comic book material to pull from, it looked like the movie was on its way to become a sprawling franchise. However, some aspects went wrong down the way. The movie did not exactly set the box office on fire, even though it managed to break even on the cost expenditure. The critical rating was also moderate, as many critics found semblance with ‘The A-List.’

In effect, the fans were polarized. While some loved the action-packed comedy venture, the formula did not work for others. Before Marvel erupted into the Hollywood scene with its cinematic universe, comic book adaptations were a bit of a hit-or-miss situation. While some ventures like the early 2000s ‘Spider-Man’ and Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman’ trilogy received widespread acclaim, others were not so well-accepted, like the 2003 Ben Affleck starred ‘Daredevil.’

According to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays team leader Clay, the movie suffered from bad marketing. In his own words, “the ball was dropped,” and therefore, the movie failed to make an impact at the box office. With an all-starer cast ensemble, hilarious dialogue insertions, and impeccably crafted action sequences, it seemed like there was not much that could go wrong with the movie. And yet, the idea of the sequel was dropped. Considering all the aspects, it seems highly unlikely that a ‘The Losers’ sequel will ever be made.

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