Will There be a Behind Her Eyes Season 2?

Created by Steve Lightfoot (‘The Punisher’), ‘Behind Her Eyes’ is a psychological thriller series based on a best-selling novel by Sarah Pinborough. The gripping series has been adapted for the screen by Angela LaManna and Lightfoot. It tells the story of Louise, a single mother who works as a secretary in a psychiatrist’s office. One night, she meets a man in a bar with whom she instantly develops a connection. As fate would have it, the man turns out to be David, a psychiatrist who is Louise’s new boss. Louise accidentally bumps into David’s wife, Adele, a young and attractive woman.

Louise develops a friendship with Adele, and at the same time, finds herself inching closer to David. Louise finds herself in the midst of David and Adele’s turbulent marriage, where she has to face dark secrets emanating from their past. Upon its premiere, the show received mixed to positive reviews from the critics and audiences, who lauded the show for its menacing tone, dark twists, and compelling performances. Naturally, fans must be wondering about the release of ‘Behind Her Eyes’ season 2. Well, here’s everything we have uncovered!

Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Release Date

‘Behind Her Eyes’ season 1 released on February 17, 2021, on Netflix. The series consists of six episodes, which dropped simultaneously. Each episode has an average run-time of about 50 minutes each. Since the show is a mini-series, viewers must be wondering whether it will be renewed for a second season. Well, Netflix is yet to come out with an announcement regarding the show’s future.

Moreover, the finale of season 1 completes its story and provides closure to the mysterious narrative.  Also, being an adaptation of a novel, a renewal seems highly unlikely as the story veers to an end, covering the source material in its entirety. As reported by Deadline, ‘Behind Her Eyes’ showrunner Steve Lightfoot has been enlisted for an adaptation of ‘Shantaram,’ a novel by Gregory David Roberts. In this regard, we believe that ‘Behind Her Eyes’ season 2 will not be in development for some time. Also, Netflix hardly has a record of renewing its mini-series.

Since the ending is a massive revelation that closes the narrative, the series can only have a brand-new storyline in the eventuality of a renewal. It remains to be seen whether Sarah Pinborough writes a follow-up to her creation expanding on the narrative after David and Louise’s marriage. Considering the minuscule probability of this situation, we can safely assume that it is unlikely that a ‘Behind Her Eyes’ season 2 will ever get made.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

Eve Hewson portrays the character of Adele, whereas Simona Brown essays the role of Louise. Tom Bateman can be seen in the series as David, Adele’s husband. Robert Aramayo and Tyler Howitt play the role of Rob and Adam, respectively. In the unlikely scenario of ‘Behind Her Eyes’ season 2, we can expect Tom Bateman, Simona Brown, and Tyler Howitt to reprise their respective roles. Since the show ends with Adele’s death, Eve Hewson will probably not be seen in the second season.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

In the finale of the first season, it is revealed that Rob had been inhabiting Adele’s body all along, and in the end, he switches his body with Louise. David and Louise get married and head off to their new lives with Louise’s son, Adam. We can speculate the development of the series’ ending since Adam seems to doubt Louise’s behavior. Perhaps, Adam might hold the key to the truth if he can identify the suspicious behavior and confide in David. Will Rob be punished for his selfish and malicious acts? Maybe the second season will resolve this moral conundrum if it is green-lit sometime in the future.

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