Will There be a Brazen Sequel?

Netflix’s ‘Brazen’ is a crime thriller movie directed by Monika Mitchell. Based on the 1988 novel ‘Brazen Virtue’ by Nora Roberts, the story revolves around crime novelist Grace who visits her sister Kathleen in Washington D.C. Kathleen is undergoing a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband, Jonathan, for their son Kevin. While spending time with Kathleen, Grace also gets attracted to her sister’s handsome neighbor Ed, who is a police detective.

In a shocking turn of events, Kathleen is brutally murdered and it is revealed that she led a double life as the webcam performer Desiree. When two more webcam performers are attacked similarly, Grace teams up with Ed to catch the killer before he goes after others. ‘Brazen’ tells the riveting tale of a woman who goes to extreme lengths to get justice for her sister’s murder. The gripping narrative and shocking ending leave everyone curious about the sequel. Here’s everything we know so far about it.

Brazen Sequel Release Date

‘Brazen’ arrived on January 13, 2022, on Netflix. The movie was widely appreciated for the fine performances by the cast members and the apt adaptation of the original novel to the big screen. Regarding the ‘Brazen’ sequel, this is what we can tell you about it.

The makers are yet to make an official announcement about working on a sequel. However, there is a possibility of the story being continued, since the novel it is based upon is part of a series. ‘Brazen Virtue’ is the second novel in the ‘D.C. Detectives’ series by Nora Roberts, so the first novel ‘Sacred Sins’ could be used as a reference for at least one more Brazen sequel.

Moreover, the author has written several other bestselling novels in the murder mystery genre which can be adapted into interesting movies. Though the ending of ‘Brazen’ gave a fitting conclusion to Kathleen’s story, the makers could also divert from the novels and decide to explore the character of Grace in further installments.

If they officially express their intent to continue the story, the ‘Brazen’ sequel could be greenlit by Netflix in the coming months. The arrival of the possible sequel all depends upon the formal announcement by Netflix, as well as the production schedule planned by the makers. If everything functions on time and the schedules are not impacted by the ongoing pandemic, the audience can expect the ‘Brazen’ sequel to arrive sometime in Q4 of 2023.

Brazen Sequel Cast: Who Can Be in It?

‘Brazen’ stars Alyssa Milano as crime novelist Grace and Sam Page as Detective Ed. In case the makers decide to continue their story arcs in the potential sequel, both actors are most likely to reprise their roles. Furthermore, Malachi Weir can be expected to return as Detective Ben. Actors Emilie Ullerup and Matthew Finlan shall not be returning in the possible sequel, since their characters Kathleen and Jerald are dead. Several new additions could be made to the cast of the potential ‘Brazen’ sequel, depending on whether the storyline continues or a fresh narrative is introduced.

The Brazen Sequel Plot: What Can It Be About?

‘Brazen’ depicts crime novelist Grace using her knowledge and tact to help Detective Ed find Kathleen’s killer. Her suspicion first falls on Kathleen’s ex-husband Jonathan but it changes when two more webcam performers are brutalized in a replicated manner. After a challenging game of cat and mouse, the killer is revealed to be Kathleen’s student Jerald who was obsessed with her. In the dramatic climax scene, Jerald tries to kill Grace when she confronts him about his crimes. However, Ed arrives at the right moment and shoots him to save Grace. As the movie ends, Grace and Ed decide to happily continue their relationship.

If ‘Brazen’ returns with a second part, the storyline could focus on a brand-new case that Grace and Ed solve together. Although, the possible sequel could also introduce new protagonists in a different setting with the similar themes of a killer being on the loose. If the makers choose to adapt the novel ‘Sacred Sins,’ it shall focus on psychiatrist Dr. Tess Court and Detective Ben Paris trying to nab a serial killer named “The Priest.”

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