Will There be a Chappie Sequel?

With Neill Blomkamp at the director’s chair, ‘Chappie’ is a 2015 dystopian science fiction movie that has its heart in the right place. The narrative follows the titular character’s journey from being a machine to transforming into a sentient being with a child’s consciousness. In an alternative reality, a team of robotic policemen maintains law and order in Johannesburg. A group of criminals gets hold of a faulty robot, and an engineer from the robocop-manufacturing company TetraVaal installs a code to make the robot sentient. However, the criminals want Chappie for their own immoral gain.

The movie toys with many ideas, including consciousness, family, and identity. Still, behind the garb of its apparent futuristic façade, the movie ponders upon the century-old question of what it means to be called a human. The first movie seemingly ends on an open note, and the universe has ample scope to expand. You may be wondering whether a sequel is in the books. If that is the case, let us explore the possibilities.

Chappie Sequel Release Date

‘Chappie’ premiered on March 4, 2015, in the Big Apple and was then followed by a national release two days later in select IMAX theatres to modest box office impact. Let us now probe into the prospects of a sequel to the fan-favorite science fiction movie.

The director initially conceived ‘Chappie’ to be a franchise. Blomkamp divulged that he thought of the movie to be a trilogy. Although he did not write the scripts at the time of the interview, he was kind of hopeful that the titular thug-robot would be back on screen. He also thought of treatments regarding the second and the third movie, despite not having thought of the complete story of the ‘Chappie’ universe. The movie was a fresh and oddball addition to Blomkamp’s oeuvre of science fiction movies, after ‘District 9’ and ‘Elysium.’

After its release, the movie made the fans and the critics polarized, with more negative reviews than positive ones. The critics were harsh in their judgment, which undermined the early enthusiasm of the fans. At their worst, the critics thought of the movie as a farcical venture, replete with plot holes and goofs. Although some went against the stream to say that the movie was not as bad as touted in the media, it was not enough to stop the movie from bombing. However, the movie performed fairly well in the box offices and more than doubled its cost expenditure.

But the fans could not overlook how the movie borrows ideas and concepts from a plethora of better sci-fi ventures, from ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Robocop’ to ‘I-robot’ and ‘Wall-E.’ According to some, the movie could not spawn something new out of its hackneyed tropes. The director sought to speak about sentience and the very nature of conscience itself.

Still, to most critics, the movie came off as a film centered on the idea of Artificial Intelligence. The message seemingly did not get through, as the critics were too occupied with finding similarities with other movies. In a disheartening development, the director later announced in reply to a Twitter fan in 2016 that the movie did not perform well enough to have a sequel. Therefore, considering the director’s previous stint with franchises, it is highly unlikely that the ‘Chappie’ sequel will ever be made.


However, the director marked his return to the screen in 2021 with the back-to-basics horror movie ‘Demonic.’ Moreover, the sequel to his previously acclaimed ‘District 9’ is also in the final stages of writing. If the director is interested in any sequel, it would be this one – a project preliminarily titled ‘District 10’ after the first movie. Therefore, the fans at least have something to look forward to, and we are quite excited!

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