Will There be a Claus Family Sequel?

Even if the Grinch steals Christmas, Jules may be able to save it. But Director Matthias Temmermans is certainly able to weave an endearing coming-of-age family-oriented holiday drama in ‘The Claus Family’ (‘De Familie Claus’). The story follows Jules, who cannot enjoy Christmas following a past tragedy that claimed his father’s life.

However, he teams up with grandfather Noël and comes to know of his family’s secret tradition. In the end, the recipe goes perfectly well with a grand Christmas dinner, topped off with some exquisite quality cookie crumbles. However, you may be wondering whether a sequel is brewing at the factory, and in that case, let us delve deeper.

The Claus Family Sequel Release Date

‘The Claus Family’ premiered on November 1, 2021, in the US, on Netflix. However, the film was released in Belgium, France, Netherlands, and Poland, on December 7, 2020, roughly a year before its US premiere. Let us divulge everything we know about the future sequel.

The sequel is most positively happening. Following the success of holiday franchises like ‘Home Alone,’ directors have become interested in seasonal spin-off movies. Moreover, the original film was the first Flemish language venture to set foot on the territory of Netflix.

The streaming giant certainly saw greener pasture there, and Ruben Vandenborre teamed up with Elke de Gezelle to pen the script for the second film. Ruben Vandenborre sat on the director’s chair, replacing Matthias Temmermans. Following the tradition of the original movie, the crew started principal photography in June 2021. Excited fans and coordinators took to Instagram to share snippets and locations from the second film.

Since the productions took place in the same month a year apart, we expect the release to follow the same pattern. In that case, ‘The Claus Family’ sequel will premiere sometime in December 2021. On the downside, the US audiences may have to wait for another year to catch the sequel on Netflix, but that is less likely.

The Claus Family Sequel Cast: Who is in it?

Most of the original cast members are retrieving their roles for the follow-up. Among the central duo, we will see Jan Decleir retaining his role of Noël Claus alongside Mo Bakker’s Jules Claus. Bracha van Doesburgh (Suzanne, Jules’ mother) and Amber Metdepenningen (Noor/Norah, Jules’ sister) will reappear in their respective garbs.

Eva van der Gucht (Gunna), Josje Huisman (Ikka), Janne Desmet (Assa) and Stefaan Degand (Holger), Carly Wijs (Jentien), Renée Soutendijk (Oma), and Sien Eggers (Jet) will also reappear in their original roles. Among the freshly cast members, we expect to see Kürt Rogiers (Brandweerman Jef), Lauren Müller (Tine), Emma Moortgat (Caro), Laurenz Sabbe (Klant), and Everon Jackson Hooi (Steven).

The Claus Family Sequel Plot: What is it about?

At the end of the first movie, Jules manages to save Christmas. He comes out of darkness and embraces the sphere of light. It also appears that Jules has made amends with the memories of his deceased father, and he is ready to follow the tradition. But he is only a little boy, and seemingly, he has to cross some more hurdles. But as Santa becomes busy every year around the time of Christmas, some more misadventures await Jules and his goofball grandfather.

Santa’s job is to deliver presents on time. The sequel’s story will possibly follow Jules in the yearly mission of making children’s wishes come true. It will show the progression of Jules’ mother’s story arc, whose cookies have become the talk of the town. They may be more affluent with the development, and the old Santa’s health may take a turn for the worse. These may be speculations, but we are sure that Jules will receive a special Christmas wish from a young girl. To fulfill her request, Jules may have to go through some hurdles, but hopefully, it will not be anything he can’t manage.

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