Will There Be a Cliffhanger Sequel?

A Renny Harlin (‘Die Hard 2’) directorial venture, ‘Cliffhanger’ is an action film that follows Gabriel “Gabe” Walker (Sylvester Stallone), an experienced mountain climber and former rescue ranger, as he tries to save his estranged friend Harold “Hal” Tucker from a dangerous group of thieves led by British former military intelligence officer Eric Qualen. Since the film’s release, it has come to be regarded as one of the best films of Stallone. If you are wondering whether there will be a sequel to ‘Cliffhanger,’ we got you covered.

Cliffhanger Sequel Release Date

‘Cliffhanger’ premiered on May 28, 1993, in the US. Although it received mixed reviews, the film was commercially successful, earning $255 million at the global box office against its $70 million budget. As for the sequel, this is what you need to know.

The first plan for a sequel surfaced in 1994, when TriStar Pictures, the distributor of the original film, reportedly considered developing a movie titled ‘The Dam’ (alternatively ‘Cliffhanger 2: The Dam’), in which Gabe was supposed to take on a group of terrorists at Hoover Dam. However, the concept was later dropped. In 2008, Stallone was reportedly in talks with Sony Pictures for a potential sequel using the same Hoover Dam premise, but the negotiations ultimately fell through.

StudioCanal, the French film production and distribution company, became involved in a ‘Cliffhanger’ reboot in 2009. It was reported that they would develop the project in collaboration with Neal Moritz’s Los Angeles-based production company, Original Films. However, when Stallone expressed his desire to develop a sequel to ‘Cliffhanger’ in 2015, there was some confusion about the future of the reboot.

In 2019, it was reported that the reboot would have a female lead, and Ana Lily Amirpour (‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’) would direct the project. Sascha Penn (‘Creed II’) was the scriptwriter associated with it at the time. If things progress as they should, the reboot — let’s consider it the ‘Cliffhanger’ sequel for convenience’s sake — just might go into production in 2021. And if that happens, the audience can expect the ‘Cliffhanger’ sequel to come out sometime in 2023.

Cliffhanger Sequel Cast: Who Can Be in It?

Aside from Stallone, ‘Cliffhanger’ stars Michael Rooker as Hal, Janine Turner as Jessie, John Lithgow as Eric Qualen, Rex Linn as Richard Travers, Caroline Goodall as Kristel, Leon Robinson as Kynette, Craig Fairbrass as Delmar, Michelle Joyner as Sarah, Ralph Waite as Ranger Frank, and Paul Winfield as Walter Wright. Lithgow, Linn, Goodall, Robinson, Fairbrass, Joyner, and Waite will not appear in the sequel as their characters are dead except maybe in flashback scenes.

Even if a character has survived in the original film, they might not appear in the sequel as this is a reboot. Jason Momoa is set to play a cameo role in the ‘Cliffhanger’ sequel. Stallone and Rooker might also choose to make appearances in the sequel. The rest of the cast will likely be new additions to the ‘Cliffhanger’ universe.

Cliffhanger Sequel Plot: What Can It Be About?

In ‘Cliffhanger,’ Gabe and Hal finish off Qualen’s team before Gabe faces off against the antagonist. All of the money gets destroyed. Qualen is also killed. Gabe patches things up with Hal and reunites with Jessie. Meanwhile, the US Treasury Department learns how their best agent was involved in stealing and murders.

In the sequel, the audience might be taken back to the Rocky Mountains. The new protagonist will also face new adversaries and probably have a new love interest. The film will have a remarkable stunt performance, just like the aerial stunt in the first film. The plot might revolve around the protagonist fighting a group of insurgents. Momoa will play the role of the protagonist’s mentor.

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