Will There be a Deadly Illusions Sequel?

Deadly Illusions’ is an engaging psychological thriller ensconced in the world of erotica. It is filled with the tropes of classic thrillers — a disembodied hand holding a knife is a recurring sequence of the film. It revolves around the life of an acclaimed author, Mary Morrison, who is coaxed into taking up a new project. Her return to writing requires her to immerse herself wholly into the process. On her friend’s suggestion, Mary hires a babysitter named Grace who will take care of her twins while she starts her writing. Moreover, her marriage seems to be happy on the outside, but filial problems take a heavy toll.

Mary is strangely attracted to Grace and even indulges in sexual activities. But things take a drastic turn when Mary’s nightmares blur the line between reality and fiction. The film’s narrative is enigmatic, to say the least, and leaves us wanting for more. Even though the truth is revealed to a certain degree, there is a lot left open to interpretation. Having said that, we got curious about the possibility of a sequel of ‘Deadly Illusions.’ If you feel the same, we have got you covered!

Deadly Illusions Sequel Release Date

‘Deadly Illusions’ released on March 18, 2021, on Netflix. The film received mixed responses upon its arrival from critics and audiences. The disjunctive plot elements and a predictable ending were not looked upon favorably by the viewers.

However, the ambitious approach of merging an erotic thriller with a tinge of suspense becomes the film’s salvation. Certain elements in the plot are left unexplained — Elaine’s murder is not discussed in its entirety and the hurried time jump left some of the viewers baffled. The fiction and truth keep swaying to and fro, and we are never accorded closure. Still, we know what becomes of Grace, as Mary visits her in a hospital in the end.

Judging by the narrative, the film does leave certain elements open for an explanation. For example, what happens after the investigation of Elaine’s murder? Why does Mary take a sudden liking to Grace without even verifying her credentials? Moreover, Grace’s backstory is hurriedly dealt with. So, in this regard, a probable sequel might deal with these aspects. But Netflix is yet to release any statement regarding the film’s sequel.

We should also consider that ‘Deadly Illusions’ was envisaged as a film in totality. Even though there are some loose ends in the plot, we can assume that it was a conscious decision to titillate the sense of the viewers. Moreover, psychological thrillers are designed in such a way that they induce a discussion in fan circles. In other words, the nature of the film hints at its solo run. Keeping these points in mind, we can predict that ‘Deadly Illusions 2’ is likely to be never made.

‘Deadly Illusions’ features Kristin Davis of ‘Sex and the City’ fame as Mary Morrison. Greer Grammer and Dermot Mulroney portray the role of Grace and Tom respectively. Shanola Hampton can be seen as Elaine, who is murdered midway through the film.

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