Will There be a Demonic Sequel?

Acclaimed South African-Canadian director Neill Blomkamp presents a tale of diabolical proportions in the exorcism horror thriller movie ‘Demonic.’ The story centers on an estranged mother, who is in jail for a series of gruesome murders, and her introverted daughter. Carly seeks to forget her mother, Angela, but Angela comes to torment Carly in her sleep. When a shady medical organization comes to Carly with the proposal of communicating with Angela, Carly attempts to revisit her past.

Consequentially, the trip unearths some devastating truths about Angela’s past crimes. Fraught with grotesque apparitions with beaky heads and liturgical intrigue, the horror drama offers blood, toil, tear, and sweat. Carly Pope, Nathalie Boltt, and Chris William Martin helm the acting department in this ominous and ghastly tale. Although the story is well-rounded, there may be scope to progress the story in several directions. If you are curious about the prospects of a sequel, let us probe into the matter.

Demonic Sequel Release Date

‘Demonic’ premiered on July 29, 2021, in countries such as Russia and Ukraine, in selected theatres. Subsequently, the movie premiered theatrically in North American territory on August 20, 2021. Additionally, the movie is available on on-demand platforms such as ‘Vudu.’ Without further ado, let us now delve into the prospects of a sequel.

Firstly, the director himself did not spill any beans regarding a sequel. ‘Demonic’ is the director’s secretly filmed COVID-19 feature after six years of hibernation. Neill Blomkamp is widely regarded for his sci-fi ventures, and this sudden change of genre was a move welcomed by fans. (The acclaimed director was previously tied up with the ‘Alien’ franchise, the plan for whose sequel ultimately fell through).

Although the high-tech horror venture was received well by the fans of the director, the overall reaction was polarizing. While some were spooked to their core, some dismissed the movie as lacking in horror. This polarizing effect among the audience notwithstanding, it does not seem like the director seeks to develop the horror into a sprawling franchise.

Horror movies generally root for sequels, but then again, Neill Blomkamp does not generally make horrors. The ending is also well-rounded, and although the world may be expanded in other ways, the movie’s ending marks a finality in the lives of the immediate characters. Angela dies, while the devastating episode ostensibly brings Carly and Martin together. So, considering all the aspects, it is highly unlikely that a ‘Demonic’ sequel will ever be made.

The director, however, is busy with several projects. His next venture is ‘Inferno,’ which would have seemingly commenced production in place of ‘Demonic’ if the dystopia of the pandemic wouldn’t have thwarted the director’s plans. After ‘Inferno,’ Blomkamp seeks to work on the only sequel he is interested in for now – the sequel of his acclaimed 2009 movie, ‘District 9.’ The project, titled ‘District 10,’ is currently at the final stages of writing.

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