Will There be a Don’t Look Up Sequel?

‘Don’t Look Up’ makes a satire comedy out of denial in its roving energy. Adam McKay adds a characteristic twist in the tale by subverting one of the most hackneyed tropes of modern-day sci-fi ventures – apocalypse. A giant comet is headed towards earth, and two low-key astronomers, Dr. Randall Mindy and Kate Dibiasky (A naïve Leonardo DiCaprio and an edgy Jennifer Lawrence make a perfect mentor-mentee pair) meet the President, calling for action.

The President is easily bored, and even when she hurls nukes at the asteroid (only to save her midterm election), greedy preaching capitalist Peter Isherwell has other potentially catastrophic plans to avert the catastrophe. The tale is scattered, but the A-lister concoction is highly potent in laughter. However, following the utterly boisterous end credit scenes, you may want to know whether a sequel is underway. In that case, you may bank on us but look ahead for spoilers in the plot section.

Don’t Look Up 2 Release Date

‘Don’t Look Up’ had a worldwide release on Netflix on December 24, 2021. However, before its worldwide premiere on the streaming platform, it released in New York City on December 5, 2021, followed by a limited theatrical release on December 10, 2021. Let us now consider the prospects of a follow-up.

Adam McKay did not divulge anything about a potential sequel in the news. That leaves us to speculate whether the movie should get a sequel or not. The film was received moderately well by the critics and the audiences but also created polarities. The motif of the asteroid as environmental collapse becomes all the more glaring with the United Nations Representative of Climate Change Leonardo DiCaprio in the podium, and the message is not lost in the discordant voices of the satire.

Nonetheless, the cynical and pessimistic tone of the movie created certain polarities in the media, and it seems like the film deliberately provoked such a reaction. It is a movie you will hate to love and love to hate. However, Adam McKay, as a director, is not known for sequels, barring his Will Farrell starrer ‘Anchorman’ films. However, considering the open-ended twist at the final moments of this movie, we cannot say either way.

The choice of a sequel finally rests on the production network. If the movie’s estimated $700,000 box-office collection is any indication, the possibility of a sequel cannot be dismissed. However, if a sequel is on the horizon, it is unlikely to release anytime soon. Adam McKay is busy with the production of the Theranos founder biopic ‘Bad Blood.’ Therefore, ‘Don’t Look Up 2’ will probably release sometime in 2024 or later.

Don’t Look Up 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

We can only be somewhat sure about Mark Rylance’s return in the role of Peter Isherwell in the follow-up venture since his character remains alive in the finale of the movie. We may also see Cate Blanchett reprising the role of Brie Evantee, as the character is rich enough to buy herself a place in the capsules. However, we do not know about the cast details as of now. But indeed, more shall be revealed following an official announcement. However, we can expect to see fresh faces if another installment is developed.

Don’t Look Up 2 Plot: What can it be About?

Towards the end of ‘Don’t Look Up,’ Peter Isherwell – the CEO of BASH, President Orlean, and others arrive at an alien planet in the post-credit sequence. Although the President dies after an encounter with Bronteroc, the others live. We are yet to see how the fate of humanity unfolds on the alien planet.

The situation in the final moments of ‘Don’t Look Up’ calls for a sequel. But even if there is one, we do have an idea about what the story will be. It can take us to an alternate reality or begin at the alien planet, chronicling the growth of the niche human populace. Rest assured, the brand of comedy would perhaps be as scathing as this one.

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