Will There be a Fever Dream Sequel?

Director Claudia Llosa’s thriller film ‘Fever Dream’ (known as ‘Distancia de Rescate’ in Spanish) is an adaptation of author Samanta Schweblin’s acclaimed novel of the same name. The Spanish language film tells the story of Amanda, a young mother whose conversation with a child named David helps her understand the tragedy she and her daughter are facing. The complex narrative explores various themes such as environmental conservation, parenthood, and spirituality.

However, by the time the story arrives at its conclusion, viewers are left in a daze by the dramatic revelations of the final act as well as the ambiguous nature of the ending. Therefore, it is natural for the audience to wonder whether a follow-up will tie up loose ends and provide satisfying answers to the mysteries. If you are also eager to learn more about a potential sequel to ‘Fever Dream,’ here’s everything we know in that regard!

Fever Dream Sequel Release Date

‘Fever Dream’ first premiered in Spain at the San Sebastián International Film Festival on September 20, 2021. Following this, it had a limited release in the US on October 6, 2021, and was then released on October 13, 2021, on Netflix. With a runtime of a taut 93 minutes, the dense and slow-burn psychological film has harvested positive reviews from critics due to its unconventional approach to resonant and timely themes. However, the perplexing ending seems to have divided the audience’s opinions.

As far as a follow-up is concerned, the makers of the film are yet to make an official comment on the matter. Given the film’s positive critical reception, there is a strong case for a sequel to be made. However, despite being inconclusive and indefinite, the ending of the movie leaves little room for a follow-up. Given the main character’s fate at the film’s end, a natural continuation seems unlikely. Also worth noting is the fact that the novel on which the film is based itself is a standalone entry.

‘Fever Dream’ aims to express some poignant statements about its themes through its subject matter, and it is safe to say it succeeds in doing so. Therefore, it can be classified as an auteur film, and such pieces of cinema rarely warrant a sequel. Furthermore, the mixed reaction from the audiences is also likely to dent hopes of a potential second installment.

However, it is important to note that divisive opinions from viewers often prove the catalyst for transforming films into cult classics. In such a scenario, the makers could very well be tempted to craft a continuation of the story or a spiritual successor to it down the line. There is also the possibility of Netflix greenlighting a sequel if the movie exceeds all viewership expectations and establishes itself as a top performer on the platform.

All things considered, a sequel to the movie has little chance of materializing. One interesting idea could be to explore the town’s backstory in a prequel by detailing the growing influence of pesticides on the town’s crops and its slowly manifesting devastating effects.

In that case, the cast will almost certainly feature a new set of actors and not the stellar ensemble consisting of María Valverde and Dolores Fonzi. If by some stroke of luck a sequel (or a prequel) is announced in the coming months, it will likely take the makers a considerable amount of time to craft a new compelling story. Therefore, viewers should expect to see a prospective ‘Fever Dream 2’ release sometime after 2023.

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