Will There be a Finch Sequel?

‘Finch’ is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama that follows one of the last remaining humans on Earth as he sets off on a dramatic and arduous cross-country journey. Accompanied by his beloved canine and newly created humanoid robot, the film’s titular character struggles with his own mortality even as he tries to ensure his pet’s survival.

The emotional narrative, combined with the stark landscape of an apocalyptic wasteland, makes for a highly dramatic film, with some much-needed comic relief coming in the form of Finch’s mechanical creation Jeff. Director Miguel Sapochnik’s sci-fi tale thus presents a bleak picture but also gives us a glimmer of hope towards the end. Could there still be more to the story? Here’s everything we know about the ‘Finch’ sequel.

Finch Sequel Release Date

‘Finch’ was released globally on November 5, 2021, on Apple TV+. The film was initially titled ‘Bios’ and scheduled to premiere theatrically in 2020. However, its release was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the post-apocalyptic drama was subsequently purchased by Apple and released on their streaming platform.

As far as a sequel is concerned, there have been no official announcements so far about the possibility of one. Considering the namesake character dies near the end of the film, there is a good chance that we will not see a ‘Finch’ sequel. Additionally, the film’s writers and director use the protagonist’s “stories” to convey many important aspects about his past, including where he was when the apocalypse happened and how he met his beloved pet, Goodyear. This seems to hint that the chances of a prequel or origin story are also thin, as most of the crucial parts of Finch’s life are narrated in some form or the other.

Similarly, a continuation of the present storyline also seems unlikely because what happens next is hinted at in the film through subtle signs like a butterfly and grass growing around Finch’s grave. This portends that the Earth will eventually heal, effectively changing the post-apocalyptic setting in which the film is set.

Admittedly, the two remaining characters, Jeff and Goodyear, form quite a pair and could potentially have a spin-off that centers on the adventures of the dog and robot team. However, this is unlikely to be a continuation of the current story arc and will be set around a new premise if it does ever get made. The story arc of Tom Hanks’ namesake character is therefore essentially finished in ‘Finch.’

Although the character’s legacy and teachings live on in his robotic creation, Jeff, the fact that we are already told almost everything consequential about the character means that there is not much scope for his story to continue. Lastly, the fact that Jeff essentially completes Finch’s dying wish by reaching the Golden Gate Bridge seems to be the final sign that the film’s story arc is well and truly over. Therefore, with all factors considered, it is highly unlikely that a ‘Finch’ sequel will ever be made.

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