Will There be a He’s All That Sequel?

‘He’s All That’ is a teen romance film that centers around budding social media celebrity Padgett Sawyer and the introverted and artsy Cameron. The two lives get entangled when Padgett, hoping to repair the damage to her online persona by a very public breakup, decides to makeover Cameron and turn him into prom king. As things in such stories generally go, what starts off as a shallow and self-serving endeavor turns into the seeds of new love. So can we expect to see more of Padgett and Cameron’s story? Here’s everything we know about the possibility of a ‘He’s All That’ sequel.

He’s All That Sequel Release Date

‘He’s All That’ premiered on August 27, 2021, on Netflix across multiple countries. As far as a sequel is concerned, there have been no official announcements about it. The film’s director, Mark Waters, as well as its writer R. Lee Fleming Jr., have not said anything publicly that would support a follow-up to ‘He’s All That.’

In all probability, a sequel to the sugary social media-driven teen romance is a tall order. Most notably, the film is a gender-swapped remake of the 1999 ‘She’s All That,’ which in turn takes inspiration from the memorable screen and stage works like ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Pygmalion.’ It is centered on a classic story of a socially popular personality taking on the challenge of turning an unlikely character into a luminous socialite like themselves. In the end, the two fall in love and are better off for having gone through the experience. Therefore, the story doesn’t require any further extension, and ‘He’s All That’ is a sufficiently self-contained tale that wraps up without leaving too many unanswered questions.

Additionally, ‘He’s All That’ has reportedly failed to impress audiences and critics, and apparently has none of the charm and biting satirical comedy that made its predecessor ‘She’s All That’ into the memorable and cultish teen romance comedy of its time. Despite both films being written by R. Lee Fleming Jr., the 2021 remake seems to be lackluster in popular opinion. Considering the lead cast has also not been complimented for their efforts, it is unlikely that we will see the characters of Padgett and Cameron again.

Netflix is known for strongly factoring viewership numbers when deciding whether to greenlight follow-up sequels or seasons (for shows), and it seems unlikely that ‘He’s All That’ will hit the mark. The central story, a classic that it is, might see a remake in the future, but given all the factors laid out above, it is highly unlikely that a ‘He’s All That’ sequel will ever be made.

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