Will There be a How I Became a Super Hero Sequel?

Set in a world where humans and superheroes coexist, ‘How I Became a Super Hero’ is a French film that puts a realistic spin on the action-superhero genre. A psychotic villain who figures out how to harvest and sell superpowers threatens to send the city tumbling into chaos, and with most superheroes now in semi-retirement, it falls on police officer Moreau and his partner to attempt to bring him down. The film’s refreshing take on superheroes introduces us to an intriguing world and the emergence of a powerful new character called Titan in its closing scenes. If you’re curious about whether we might get to see more Parisian superhero action in a potential ‘How I Became a Super Hero’ sequel, we’ve got some answers for you.

How I Became a Super Hero Sequel Release Date

‘How I Became a Super Hero’ (originally titled ‘Comment je suis devenu super-héros’) premiered at the Deauville Film Festival in France in September 2020 following which it was released globally on Netflix on July 9, 2021.

There is, as yet, no official announcement regarding a sequel for the movie. However, fans of the original might just get lucky with another iteration of the movie coming out sometime in the future. There are multiple reasons why a sequel to ‘How I Became a Super Hero’ is highly likely, not the least of which is that the superhero genre of films is well known for multi-movie narratives.

Considering the film’s co-writer and director Douglas Attal was inspired by the likes of ‘Batman,’ ‘Watchmen,’ and ‘Daredevil,’ all of which have seen some form of a sequel come out after the release of the original movie, means that the idea of a sequel has most likely crossed his mind. Whereas ‘Batman’ is a well-known franchise that’s spawned multiple movies, both ‘Watchmen’ and ‘Daredevil’ got their own TV series after the movies came out. Similarly, if not in a cinematic sequel, the story of ‘How I Became a Super Hero’ could also continue as a TV series.

Since the film is set in an alternate world that has its own peculiar realities and rich history of superheroes, there is a lot of potential for the propagation of multiple stories based on it. The first movie is based on a novel of the same name as the original title of the movie by Gérald Bronner. Going forward, since the “world” of the movie has already been established, any number of sources can be used as inspiration for sequel plotlines.

Most tellingly, the film’s climax not only introduces a powerful superhero named Titan, but a scene during the closing credits shows a young girl designing her own superhero costume. This is as clear a signal as any that there is still more to the story that needs to be explored. It is difficult to say when we might get to see a potential sequel as it depends on many factors. The film has garnered favorable reviews, but many other details will be considered by the studio before a sequel is greenlit. If given the go-ahead sometime soon, we could see the potential ‘How I Became a Super Hero’ sequel sometime in mid to late 2022.

We will see most of the film’s cast return in the potential sequel, with Pio Marmaï leading the story as the policeman Gary Moreau who is secretly the superhero Titan. We will also see Leïla Bekhti reprise her role as Callista, Vimala Pons as Lieutenant Cécile Schaltzmann, Benoît Poelvoorde as Monte Carlo and Léonie Souchaud as Lily. Swann Arlaud, who essays the psychotic villain Naja, will likely not return since his character is killed in the climax.

A potential sequel for the movie will likely see Moreau reuniting and leading the Pack Royal against nameless foes. The fact that so many superheroes exist in the film’s world means that there is a high possibility of some of them going rogue, resulting in our heroes facing some very powerful villains indeed. Gigaman’s daughter Lily, who we see designing her superhero suit in the film’s closing credits will also likely play an important role in the potential sequel.

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