Will There be a I Know This Much is True Season 2?

‘I Know This Much Is True’, written and directed by Derek Cianfrance, is a drama series that is based on the eponymous novel, penned by Wally Lamb. Featuring Mark Ruffalo in the lead roles of identical siblings, Dominick and Thomas Birdsey, the show dropped on HBO in May 2020. The unrelentingly grim story is a raw depiction of trauma and misery that follows Dominick as he struggles to care for his twin, Thomas who is admitted for Schizophrenia in a mental facility. The tale dissects difficult subjects like abusive parenting, cancer, divorce, and death, and is not an easy watch. But because of its brilliant performances and sensitive writing, it was received well by the audience. And if you wish to know whether there will be more of the story in the future, read on.

I Know This Much is True Season 2 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘I Know This Much is True’ season 1 premiered on May 10, 2020, on HBO. The six-part series concluded with its finale on June 14, 2020. Throughout the season, we have seen Dominick struggling to free Thomas from the mental institute, cope up with PTSD, and deal with his broken marriage after his son’s death. Although he is able to finally release Thomas from the facility, the latter dies by committing suicide and Dom learns about the secret regarding his biological father and the family legacy. He additionally discovers that his live-in girlfriend, Joy, is HIV-positive, and she asks him to care for her daughter. Dom eventually reunites with his ex-wife and accepts the sorrow and loss in his life.

After the finale, it is clear that season 1 does a complete job of winding up the story. It also exhausts the content of its source material, the eponymous novel. Moreover, the series has been dubbed as a mini-series right since its announcement. Therefore, considering the above factors, it is evident that the drama was conceptualized as a one-off. In all probability, ‘I Know This Much is True’ season 2 is cancelled. However, noting the positive response from viewers, if HBO decides to somehow extend the plot with a follow-up edition, we can expect ‘I Know This Much is True’ season 2 to release sometime in 2022.

I Know This Much is True Cast: Who is in it?

Mark Ruffalo plays the role of identical twins, Dominick and Thomas Birdsey while Melissa Leo stars as Concettina Ipolita Tempesta Birdsey, their mother. John Procaccino is Ray Birdsey, stepfather to the brothers, and Rob Huebel enacts the role of Dom’s closest friend Leo. Michael Greyeyes essays the role of Ralph Drinkwater while Gabe Fazio stars as Shawn Tudesco. Juliette Lewis is Nedra Frank and Kathryn Hahn is Dessa Constantine, Dominick’s gorgeous ex-wife. Joining the lead cast in other pivotal roles are Rosie O’Donnell as Lisa Sheffer, Bruce Greenwood as Dr. Hume, Marcello Fonte as Domenico Onofrio Tempesta, Imogen Poots as Joy Hanks, and Archie Panjabi as Dr. Patel. In the flashback scenes, we have Philip Ettinger, playing the younger versions of Dominick and Thomas and Aisling Franciosi as the young Dessa.

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