Will There Be a John Henry 2?

Directed by Will Forbes, ‘John Henry’ is about a former gang member who finds much peace in his uneventful life outside violence. His past, however, often comes back to haunt him. In any case, as Berta, a Honduran girl, lands at his doorstep, he knows that he is in for a ride. Especially since she ran away from his kingpin cousin’s gang. True to what can be expected, it is soon followed by gunshots and head smashing violence.

The film is not particularly a well made one, but what keeps it going is the curiosity of what may happen next and the anticipation of when John Henry (Terry Crews) will break loose for us to see some action. It even has a ‘John Wick’ element of a beloved dog that is killed by a gang member, but unlike Wick, Henry doesn’t take revenge. The film took a heavy toll from critics, who put it at rock bottom. It did not really farewell with its audience too. However, there are many reasons to believe that John Henry might just have a sequel coming up in the near future.

John Henry 2 Release Date: When Will Sequel Come Out?

Despite the initial response it received, the film soared into the top ten list on Netflix. This seems to have brought about a turn of expectation for the film’s producers. In an interview with Variety, one of the producers, Eric B. Fleischmansaid, said, “Ultimately, if we were to distill the success, the movie is entertaining for a broad scope of people. I think that’s why it rushed to the top.”

The producers are yet to talk to Will Forbes regarding a sequel, but they believe that it is definitely possible. If the sequel gets a green light, one can expect John Henry 2 to be back sometime towards the end of 2021, or early 2022. Most current film projects have been kept on hold due to COVID-19. So, it is only logical to assume that any potential prospects will now take some time.

John Henry 2: What Can it Be About?  

The first film ends on a positive note as a battered John Henry is still alive after being shot at a couple of times. Thanks to his incredible strength, it seems like he will be alive and standing for the next film. There is definitely the possibility of some upcoming romance. This is because he meets Tasha, a friend of his from school. They have a bonding experience where they talk about not having children of their own; however, this is left on an abrupt note to pursue the larger plot. She does turn out to be an important character later as the two times we believe John is dead, it is when Tasha takes his hand, that he shows signs of being alive. Thus, we can surely expect Terry Crews and Kimberly Hebert Gregory in the upcoming film. 

He does manage to save Berta and her brother Oscar, at the end. However, it looks like they may not come back. This is because Berta says thank you and leaves on a parting note. But it is also possible that they might stick around as they are now orphans with nowhere else to go. Moreover, with the death of Hell, there could now be other gangs who might intervene, either in allegiance or to step into his shoes. This could then directly or indirectly bring John back into the mix. 

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