Will There be a Legacy of Lies Sequel?

You may have seen Scott Adkins in a range of roles in movies like ‘Zero Dark Thirty‘ and ‘The Expendables 2,’ but the prolific action hero proves his real worth as a leading star in cerebral and nerve-racking action thriller ‘Legacy of Lies.’ Writer-director Adrian Bol spearheads the venture with a distinct directorial lens, and the movie stands out in the crowd of countless such genre forays.

The story follows retired MI6 agent Martin Baxter, who is thrown back into the pit under different circumstances. He teams up with a mysterious reporter to redeem himself from a past failed mission while towing along his phenomenal child Lisa. However, following the criminal cliffhanger ending, you must be wondering whether a sequel of the movie is in the works. Well, let us kickstart an investigation regarding the matter!

Legacy of Lies Sequel Release Date

‘Legacy of Lies’ premiered on July 28, 2020, in the US, in direct-to-video format. The DVD was released in the region on the same day. Let us now divulge everything we can gather about the prospective sequel.

Although no concrete announcement regarding the sequel has been made as of yet, lead actor Scott Adkins has expressed his interest in the sequel, if the movie fares well. Speaking about the speculated sequel, he came off as quite hopeful, stating that if the cards were in their favor, then he would love to work with the director on a possible addition to the universe.

This is the third feature-length film of Adrian Bol following ‘Blindspot’ and ‘Castingx.’ If we leave aside his short films, the movie marks the return of the director after 12 years, much like the hero of the cinematic story. The movie sees the director charting difficult and complex territories with believable characters who make the heart-pounding action sequences all the more engaging. The chemistry and the production value were not overlooked by the fans and the critics, and the movie garnered quite an amount of praise for its camerawork and fighting choreography. The critics also seemed to like the pro-free speech message of the movie, and it won a number of awards and accolades, including Best UK Feature at the MiraBan UK Film Awards.

Looking at the initial stats, the movie seems to be a win-win for the producers, and they may as well consider greenlighting production for a follow-up. Looking at the puzzling ending of the movie, it seems that the sequel is the only inevitable outcome. Some questions are left unanswered to keep the viewers rooting for more, like the real identity of Sasha, or the name of the double-agent in the CIA-MI6 network. However, the director is known for his long hiatuses, and we do not know if we can catch the follow-up action soon. Although, if the script is finalized by the end of 2021, we expect the ‘Legacy of Lies’ sequel to release sometime in 2024 or later.

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