Will There be a Murder on Middle Beach Season 2?

Directed by first-time filmmaker Madison Hamburg, HBO’s ‘Murder on Middle Beach’ is a docu-series that chronicles the life and death of his 48-year-old mother, Barbara Beach Hamburg, who, on March 3, 2010, was found murdered right outside their Madison, Connecticut home. In this intriguing series, Madison himself investigates her mysterious case to find some concrete answers. Instead, all he unearths are some long-kept secrets that tell him about the side of his mother’s life that he never really knew. So, now that the first season has wrapped up, let’s find out if there is a possibility of a season 2!

Murder on Middle Beach Season 2 Release Date

‘Murder on Middle Beach’ season 1 premiered on November 15, 2020, on HBO, and concluded with its fourth and final episode – ‘Reasonable Doubts’ – on December 6, 2020. Throughout these four episodes, Madison Hamburg, and us, learned the truth about the life Barbara Hamburg really lived – that she was a recovering alcoholic who, at the time of her death, was a part of a pyramid scheme known as the Gifting Tables. Madison also talked to the investigators who were handling his mother’s case and took a look at the handful of suspects that he knew could have a role in her death.

The first suspect, of course, was Barbara’s ex-husband, Jeffrey Hamburg, with whom she was scheduled to meet in court on the day she died. Even though the pair divorced in 2002, their legal battles were ongoing as Jeffrey claimed that he could not afford to pay child support or alimony. The next thing that was delved into was the Gifting Tables and the possibility that Barbara could have been a victim of an angry member who felt wronged about being dragged into the scheme.

Then, Madison interrogated the two women closest to his mother – Barbara’s sister, Conway Beach, and Madison’s sister, Ali Hamburg. In the fourth and final episode, though, things took a turn as Madison realized that the police were looking at Barbara’s case as a cold case. Apparently, they’d found their main suspect just days after her death, but as they couldn’t find any concrete evidence against them, the matter just fizzled out.

Subsequently, Madison filed a successful Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to access the police files on Barbara’s homicide. Since October 2020, he and his team, having complete possession of the files, are going through every last piece of the documents in an attempt to get a breakthrough, hopefully. Madison is yet to discover who killed his mother and why, but if he does, and if he decides to film that process as well, there is no reason why a season 2 may not be possible. As of now, ‘Murder on Middle Beach’ has not been renewed by HBO for a season 2.

In conversation with E Online, Madison said that he can’t “get into details with what’s to come.” However, he added, “There’s certainly more to the story. This kind of opens the investigation up in a new way, in a new chapter. It’s really…exciting is a weird word for it, but I guess that’s how I feel.” So, fans expect more ‘Murder on Middle Beach’ episodes in the future if Barbara’s case gets solved, or there is some major development in the case.

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