Will There be a Netflix’s Prey Sequel?

Netflix’s ‘Prey’ is a German thriller based around five friends that decide to go for a hike in the forest. What starts off as an enjoyable day soon devolves into a sinister fight for survival as they find themselves hunted by a mysterious shooter. As the group is picked off one by one, the men, generally full of confidence, are reduced to a squabbling bunch with shifting loyalties and deep insecurities.

Writer-director Thomas Sieben’s film — with a stellar cast that includes David Kross, Hanno Koffler, and Maria Ehrich — is a bare-bones thriller that gives us just enough background information to get an idea of the larger picture at play whilst keeping most of the focus in the tense present. The end is fittingly melancholy, and though it gives some closure, there is definitely a possibility for a related story to branch off. So, can we expect a ‘Prey’ sequel? Here’s what we know so far.

Prey Sequel Release Date

‘Prey’ premiered on September 10, 2021, on Netflix. The German film was globally released on the streaming platform, but there is no news as yet about any potential sequels to it. All official sources, including the film’s director, have so far kept mum on the subject, and though that might change, there is a strong possibility that ‘Prey’ might just be a stand-alone feature.

There are many aspects to the film that make a sequel unlikely, the foremost being that the central antagonist (since we can’t really call Eva’s tragic character a “villain”) is seen falling off a cliff at the end and is likely dead. However, this is also where Sieben has masterfully kept the door open for potential sequels as we don’t actually see Eva’s dead body. Therefore, a slim possibility remains that she survives and decides to continue her killing spree of unsuspecting hikers in the woods.

There are also larger themes in the film that can provide a good launchpad for a potential sequel. The narrative centers around urbanites seen becoming increasingly susceptible in the wilderness. This is largely why the film’s central characters — five young men — are effortlessly stalked and killed by a lone woman who is not even a particularly accurate shooter. This theme can be expanded to other groups that come to the forest and are hunted by Eva or a similar character driven by mysterious motives.

In fact, the backstory of the drunk boys that accidentally shot and killed Eva’s young daughter Anne remains largely unexplored and can be turned into a similarly suspenseful thriller, though in this case, the killer’s motives would be quite apparent. Considering Eva is seen in possession of the camera that belonged to the boys, she could very well be using their rifle to hunt Roman and his friends. How she came in possession of their rifle and whether she actually killed the boys for revenge would make for a worthy origin story sequel to ‘Prey.’

At this point, however, a sequel doesn’t seem to be in the works, and considering the film has only garnered middling reviews so far likely means that Netflix will choose not to greenlight another iteration of the German thriller. In the end, despite there being some rich areas left to explore in the story arc, it seems highly unlikely that a ‘Prey’ sequel will be made.

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