Will There be a Record of Youth Season 2?

‘Record of Youth’ is a South Korean drama that revolves around three young individuals who are ambitious and are trying to make it big in the Korean entertainment industry. They strive to leave their own mark on Korean Tinseltown, despite coming from starkly different backgrounds and social classes. Best friends Hye Jun and Hae Ho are popular models who are trying to make it big as drama actors. Jeong Ha is a talented makeup artist who wants to own her own makeup studio.

Hye Jun and Jeong Ha fall in love, but things get complicated as Hye Jun’s career takes flight and his rise to fame causes his relationship to suffer. Set in 2018 Seoul, the Netflix Original seeks to show viewers how even fame and fortune come at a price, and most often than not, the cost is one’s personal relationships. ‘Record of Youth’ is not a frivolous show, but it’s not too deeply profound either.

The romantic drama moves at an easy pace and doesn’t have much substance to the storyline, apart from focusing on the careers of the main leads. The family dynamics are relatable and real and play an important role in shaping the storyline. After witnessing the bitter-sweet ending of season 1, fans must be wondering whether there will be a second season of ‘Record of Youth.’ Let’s find out!

Record of Youth Season 2 Release Date

‘Record of Youth’ Season 1 premiered on Netflix on September 7, 2020. Since then, Netflix has aired two weekly episodes of the show every Monday and Tuesday. There are a total of 16 episodes, each with a runtime of approximately 70 minutes.

That’s the standard deal for K-dramas. Apart from a couple of Netflix shows like ‘Kingdom‘ and ‘Hospital Playlist‘, Korean dramas are usually not renewed for a second season and complete their storylines in a one-off season, within 16 – 20 episodes, kind of like a limited series. As it currently stands , the makers of ‘Record of Youth’ have not confirmed whether the show has been renewed by Netflix. So, we believe it is safe to assume at present that ‘Record of Youth’ season 2 is most likely canceled.

The story seems to have ended without any loose ends or cliffhangers. Hye Jun and Hae Ho take a 2-year hiatus from acting to complete their military service and return to resume work in the entertainment industry. Hye Jun’s grandfather makes it big in the elderly modeling business and credits his son Yeong Nam with his success. Hae Na and Jin-u decide to end things between them, and Jin-u opens his own photography studio. Hye Jun renews his contract with Min Jae for the next three years.

Most importantly, Hye Jun and Jeong Ha break up and do not get back together before Hye Jun goes away for two years. Upon his return, we see Jeong Ha, now a successful and busy makeup artist, meet Hye Jun on the sets of his new drama. The former couple interacts in a friendly way without any awkwardness or resentment. This leaves the audiences with an open-ended conclusion – viewers can either assume that they get back together eventually or that Hye Jun and Jeong Ha have both moved on and choose to remain friends.

Record of Youth Cast: Who is in it?

‘Record of Youth’ features a cast full of talented actors who become really convincing supporting characters, but it’s the immensely popular main leads that make this show work. Leading the cast are actors Park Bo Gum as Hye Jun and Park So Dam as Jeong Ha. Park Bo Gum shot to fame in 2015 with the beautiful and soulful “slice-of-life” drama ‘Reply 1988’, and solidified his position in the industry with the historical romance ‘Love in the Moonlight.’

Park So Dam was already a popular actress in South Korea, but her international recognition saw a sudden meteoric rise when her film ‘Parasite‘ won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2019. The way the show ends in a bitter-sweet finale with the lead pair breaking up portrays a more realistic turn of events, rather than giving a fairytale happily-ever-after, like most TV shows tend to do.

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