Will There be a Ride or Die Sequel?

Based on Ching Nakamura’s manga series ‘Gunjō,’ ‘Ride or Die’ is a Japanese romance road film. It revolves around Rei Nagasawa (Kiko Mizuhara) and Nanae Shinoda (Honami Satô), two women who go on the run together after Rei kills Nanae’s abusive husband. They met when they were both students at an elite girls’ school. Rei developed romantic feelings for Nanae, who didn’t reciprocate them. After Nanae loses her athletic scholarship due to an injury, Rei agrees to pay her school fees in exchange for a promise: Nanae will sleep with her if she fails to pay her back in five years. Nanae gets married before the time runs out and pays Rei back with her husband’s money.

10 years later, Rei receives a call from Nanae and reluctantly agrees to meet. Horrified by the numerous bruises that Nanae’s husband has left on her, Rei kills him. But as they escape from the city together, Rei and Nanae realize how dissimilar they are from each other. Following the film’s release, it has received widespread positive reviews for its depiction of same-sex relationships. If you are wondering whether there will be a ‘Ride or Die’ sequel, here is what we know.

Ride or Die Sequel Release Date

‘Ride or Die’ premiered on April 15, 2021, on Netflix. It is one of the original productions of the streaming giant. Ryuichi Hiroki, the film’s director, has garnered much acclaim for his realistic depictions of female characters, and ‘Ride or Die’ is no exception.

As for a sequel film, neither the Netflix executives nor the filmmakers associated with the project have released any statement on the subject yet. ‘Ride or Die’ has drawn some comparison with the 1991 American film ‘Thelma & Louise,’ especially because women-centric road movies are quite rare. ‘Ride or Die’ might leave a lasting impression in the Japanese film industry through its life-like and complex depiction of a lesbian romance.

While Netflix often revisits its successful content to make sequels, ‘Ride or Die’ seems to have covered the entire story available on the original manga series. Furthermore, Hiroki, who has been making mainstream films since the 1980s, is not really known for making sequels. The only sequel he seems to have worked on during his mainstream career is ‘Male Virgin Story 4: Take Me to the Skiing,’ which came out in 1989. From what we can tell, he didn’t direct the previous movies.

Plus, there’s the fact that some films tell self-contained stories that don’t really require sequels. ‘Ride or Die’ is one such film. Its ending might have left us wanting to know more about what the future holds for Rei and Nanae, but that is something that exceptional films often do. We can always speculate about its ending and what happens afterward. That is our prerogative as the members of the audience. But that doesn’t mean that filmmakers need to satiate that curiosity. Considering all this, it is highly unlikely that the ‘Ride or Die’ sequel will ever be made.

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