Will There be a Sabotage Sequel?

American writer-director David Ayer’s old school action thriller, ‘Sabotage,’ is a rough and brutal beast to be reckoned with. While the shaky plot does not showcase much brilliance, the adrenaline-filled action sequences, dead bodies drenched in blood, and the ubiquitous presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger make up for it. Loosely adapted from Agatha Christie’s classic ‘And Then There Were None,’ the story centers on a group of corrupt, arrogant, and hedonistic DEA agents who penetrate a cartel safe house to steal a large sum of money, but following the disappearance of the money, their lives get muddled in a sinister plot.

As one after another DEA agent gets killed in the most spectacular and innovative of ways, the remaining members are left to spend their lives in acute paranoia, but the ending unravels some game-changing twists. While not a critics’ darling, the film packs enough bloody ultra-violence to keep the genre fans engaged. If you are looking for the prospects of a sequel, we are about to let you know what we think.

Sabotage Sequel Release Date

‘Sabotage’ premiered on March 19, 2014, in a screening event in Los Angeles, California. The film had its theatrical release in countries like the US, Thailand, India, and UAE on March 28, 2014. David Ayer did not hint towards any sequel in his promotional interviews for the film. If we look at his filmography, it becomes clear that the director does not have a knack for revisiting old productions, although he is keen to collaborate with several actors in his films.

The film received mostly mixed reviews upon its release, as even the fine acting by charismatic action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger could not build the appetite of the critics and the audience. While the critics loved the post-political Schwarzenegger in the gun-slinging act, the seemingly erratic and directionless violence was too much for them to take. The R-rated thriller proved to be a box office failure as well, grossing only about $22 million against its hefty budget of $35 million. Looking at the numbers, Australian distributors even chose to withdraw the film from a forthcoming theatrical release and brought it out in a straight-to-DVD format.

Action thrillers such as these often have sequels ready in the works as the initial film rolls out in theatres. Examples include the ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise, the ‘Fast and Furious‘ franchise (the first film of which is penned by David Ayer himself), as well as Schwarzenegger’s very own blockbuster film franchise ‘Terminator.’ But this was not the case with this film. After drastic changes and cuts, only the skeleton of Skip Wood and David Ayer’s original script remained – a bunch of cops being hunted down one by one – and the three-hour-long initial cut was brought down to a manageable duration of an hour and forty-nine minutes.

The changes in the script and montage indicate that the director and the producers had their creative differences. Although, if we take note of the ending, Breacher is still not caught and Brentwood and her team have no clue regarding the whereabouts of Breacher. While the viewer would think that the inconclusive ending insures a sequel, we are sorry to say that other possibilities have already been explored in alternative endings only to be turned down by producers. In one of the endings, Breacher dies, and in another, Breacher shoots Caroline, but both the versions were rejected in favor of the version that takes Breacher to Mexico in search of his family’s assailant. So, all things considered, it is highly unlikely that the ‘Sabotage’ sequel will ever be made.

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