Will There be a Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity Sequel?

Based on the popular Japanese novel series ‘Onmyōji’ by Baku Yumemakura, ‘Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity’ is a Chinese fantasy film that revolves around Master Qing Ming, an alleged half fox-demon Yin-Yang Master, who is summoned to the imperial city along with three other masters: Longye, Bo Ya, and Hongruo. They are tasked with keeping an ancient and powerful serpent demon, which has been sealed within the empress’ body for hundreds of years, imprisoned in the city.

When Hongruo is killed, Qing Ming and Bo Ya must put aside their personal differences and work together to find the killer and prevent the serpent from breaking free of its cage. Following its release, the film received enough attention to make the ‘Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity’ sequel a real possibility. Here is what we know about it.

Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity Sequel Release Date

‘Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity’ premiered in China on December 25, 2020. Although it garnered mixed reviews from the critics, it was a box-office success, earning around $70 million within the first couple of weeks. ‘Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity’ then released on Netflix on February 5, 2021, and has done remarkably well on the streaming platform since then.

However, the film was pulled from the theaters in early January amidst plagiarism controversy involving writer-director Guo Jingming. In the early 2000s, he published the novel ‘Never Flowers in Never Dreams,’ which, according to fellow author Zhuang Yu, plagiarizes her novel ‘In and Out of the Circle.’ In 2006, a Beijing Intermediate Court told Jingming to issue an apology. It was only after the release of ‘Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity’ that he put out the apology, which he posted on Sina Weibo on December 30, 2021.

Even ‘Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity’ encountered plagiarism accusations as the Chinese netizens felt that Jingming copied certain scenes in the film from the MCU movie ‘Doctor Strange.’ As for ‘Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity’ sequel, it was simultaneously being developed along with the first film under the title ‘Long Ye Qu’ (泷夜曲) or ‘The Yin-Yang Master: Retaliation.’ But amidst the plagiarism controversy, it seems to have suffered as well. However, while plagiarism issues might delay the sequel’s release, its fate ultimately depends on the first film’s commercial success, and ‘Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity’ has been a stellar performer in that regard. If everything falls correctly into place, expect ‘Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity’ sequel or ‘The Yin-Yang Master: Retaliation’ to come out in late 2021 or early 2022.

Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity Sequel Cast: Who Can Be in It?

In ‘Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity,’ Mark Chao stars as Qing Ming, Deng Lun as Master Bo Ya, Wang Duo as both He Shouyue and Master Zhongxing, Jessie Li as Master Long Ye, Olivia Wang as Princess (later revealed to be the Empress) Zhang Ping. Both of Wang Duo’s characters die in the original film, as does the character Olivia Wang portrays. Neither of them will reprise their roles in the prospective sequel unless there are flashback scenes.

Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity Sequel Plot: What Can It Be About?

In ‘Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity,’ Qing Ming and Bo Ya fight He Shouyue, the current vessel of the serpent demon, as the latter tries to leave the city. Bo Ya activates the fourth and last Stone Guardian, trapping the demon inside the city. Empress Zhang Ping kills herself with the sword belonging to her former lover, Master Zhongxing. Qing Ming finally masters the defensive spell and kills He Shouyue. The film ends as Qing Ming, now a full-fledged Yin-Yang Master, returns home.

In the post-credits scene, it is revealed that Long Ye is still alive. Consequently, the ‘Yin-Yang Master: Dreams of Eternity’ sequel might focus on how (and why) Long Ye isn’t dead. Furthermore, the sequel might depict Qing Ming embarking on an adventure and encountering a completely new enemy. He might also reunite with Bo Ya.

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