Will There be a Sex Appeal Sequel?

Image Credit: Brett Roedel/Hulu

Talia Osteen’s ‘Sex Appeal’ is a sex comedy film that revolves around the sexual misadventures of an academically bright high school senior. Sex is the only thing Avery Hansen-White doesn’t understand, and so she creates a sex help app to improve her romantic life. When her boyfriend, Casper, confesses that he’s ready for intercourse, Avery decides to get ready for him by practicing foreplay with her best friend, Larson.

Comical, raunchy, and surprisingly wholesome, the teen movie attempts to encourage conversations between parents and teenagers about sex. Educational and entertaining, the film shows how Avery manages to get ready for STEMCON whilst also realizing what her sexual preferences and true romantic feelings are. Its ending challenges long-established romance tropes, leaving fans interested in Avery’s fate. Naturally, many are wondering whether the Osteen directorial will get a sequel. Here’s everything you need to know about the ‘Sex Appeal’ sequel.

Sex Appeal Sequel Release Date

‘Sex Appeal’ premiered on January 14, 2022, on Hulu. The teen comedy received favorable reviews from critics; fans across the world enjoyed its humorous but insightful take on sexual health, teenage ambitions, self-discovery, and complicated friendships. When it comes to the ‘Sex Appeal’ sequel, here is everything we know so far.

As of now, there is no official information regarding the sequel. Osteen, the film’s producers, and Hulu have not yet revealed whether they plan on continuing to explore Avery’s story. However, the ending of the movie certainly allows for a successor that can even more thoroughly examine Avery’s romantic, academic, and sexual life. At the end of the movie, Avery looks forward to going to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Thus, a potential sequel can focus on her college adventures whilst sticking to the film’s original intent of destigmatizing the topic of sex.

Moreover, popular teen comedies like ‘To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved Before,’ ‘The Kissing Booth,’ ‘American Pie,’ and ‘Pitch Perfect’ have highly successful sequels. Thus, it doesn’t seem too impractical to believe that the Osteen directorial warrants and can develop a sequel as well. Plus, fans definitely want to see more of Avery!

If the makers of the film seem keen on expanding upon Avery’s story, a sequel could be given the go-ahead by Hulu in 2022 itself. The heartwarming rom-com took almost three months to film in 2021, so we believe that a second film will not take more time than that in production. Thus, if the official announcement pertaining to the film’s fate comes soon and production proceeds smoothly despite the pandemic, fans can expect the ‘Sex Appeal’ sequel to release sometime in Q1 of 2023.

Sex Appeal Sequel: Who Can be in It?

‘Sex Appeal’ stars Mika Abdalla as Avery Hansen-White, Jake Short as Larson, Mason Versaw as Casper, Daniela Nieves as Lyssa, and Paris Jackson as Danica McCollum. We also see Fortune Feimster, Margaret Cho, and Rebecca Henderson as Mama Suze, Ma Deb, and Kim, respectively.

If the teen rom-com returns with a second part, we expect all the main cast members mentioned above to reprise their roles. Although Avery and Casper go their separate ways in the film, we think it’s possible that the former’s studious ex-boyfriend will run into her again since the two of them move within the same STEM circles. Plus, if the sequel becomes a reality, we definitely expect to see new characters since Avery will likely be in a college setting.

Sex Appeal Sequel: What Can it be About?

‘Sex Appeal’ sees Avery creating a sex help app that will help her win STEMCON and also allows her to “get good at sex” for Casper. Thus, she ropes in Larson as her test subject; the two of them practice sexual activities for scientific purposes. However, Avery soon realizes that her objective approach to feelings, lovemaking, and the world is a problem. She seemingly breaks up with Casper after her horrible first time and then finds out that Larson likes her but feels misused by her.

In the climax of the movie, Avery realizes the error of her ways and her true feelings for Larson. She confesses her love to him, but he politely rejects her because he thinks he should be with someone who is like him. However, Avery accepts her situation and even sets Larson up with his crush, Lyssa. Thus, the film ends on a positive note, with Avery and Larson attending prom separately but happily.

If ‘Sex Appeal’ gets a sequel, we expect that it will revolve around Avery’s adventures at MIT. Surrounded by students just as smart as her, Avery might end up juggling feelings of insecurity despite her massive personal growth. Plus, we might find out whether she will manage to move on from Larson. Additionally, we think that she will want to experiment sexually and thus might have a few romantic partners. We will possibly see Avery trying to navigate a new world of exciting social, educational, and sexual possibilities. Larson, Lyssa, Casper, and Danica might even cross paths with her, forcing her to think about her past, present, and future.

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