Will There Be a Snakes on A Plane Sequel?

Directed by David R. Ellis, ‘Snakes on a Plane’ is a spine-chilling action thriller that lives up to its name. The premise of the 2006 movie – it’s anybody’s guess – entails an arsenal of venomous snakes unleashing hell on South Pacific Air Flight 121. A cyclist unwittingly becomes a key witness to a murder committed by mob boss Eddie Kim. The FBI escorts him to testify against Kim at the court, and Kim cannot let that happen.

He accumulates snakes from all over the world and puts them on the flight, with a pheromone that makes the snakes readily aggressive. We’ll leave you to imagine the rest and do away with the spoilers. Samuel L. Jackson delivers a characteristically eccentric performance in the lead role as FBI agent Flynn. When coupled with a gripping pace and a steamy storyline, the movie is quite the recipe for an (aviation) disaster. However, the film ends on a speculative note, and you may wonder whether a sequel is underway. In that case, let us delve deeper.

Snakes on A Plane Sequel Release Date

‘Snakes on A Plane’ premiered on August 18, 2006, in 3,555 theatres across the US. The Blu-ray version premiered on September 29, 2009. Let us now take a look at the prospects of the sequel.

More than 30 Hollywood production houses turned down David Dalessandro’s early story, but that did not tarnish the excitement around the movie once it got picked by New Line Cinema. The film garnered much media attention before its release, thanks to the intriguing name that gives away much of the premise. The buzz around the project would put a beehive to shame. Inspired by the title, fans unveiled their creativity in songs, parody movies, fan art, mock trailers, fanfiction, and apparel. The star-power of Samuel L. Jackson was also in favor of the movie’s anticipated success.

While the movie did justice to its name, it rarely lived up to its internet hype. However, even that was not enough to save the movie, and the opening week collection was only $15.25 million, much lower than the speculated $20-30 million. The total box office collection of the movie was $62 million, against a moderate budget of $33 million. Jackson previously stated that this was a movie he would want to see as a child, and critics also thought that the film would garner a better response at the box offices with a favorable PG-13 rating.

The cards had been played, and there was nothing much that could be done. But with a novelization and a comic book adaptation, there is no scarcity of material to pull from in case a sequel is imagined. Moreover, appearing on ‘The Daily Show’ shortly before the film’s release, Samuel L. Jackson hinted at a forthcoming sequel. As his character does not die in the movie’s finale, a sequel could have been negotiated, according to the veteran star. But that was before the release of the film. After it faced scathing criticism in media, the producers seemingly opted out of the sequel plan. Therefore, it seems highly unlikely that a ‘Snakes on a Plane’ sequel will ever be made.

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