Will There be a Soul Sequel?

Very few production studios do animation as Pixar does. Their repertoire consists of thought-invoking, emotional, and comedic pieces that appeal to both adults and children alike. Furthermore, the stories really push the limits of our imagination and take us away to a world far, far away. ‘Soul’ keeps up with this tradition, and the story revolves around a middle school jazz teacher who must reunite his soul with his body before it’s too late. So, can we expect a sequel anytime soon? Here’s what we know.

Soul 2 Release Date

‘Soul’ premiered at the BFI London Film Festival on October 11, 2020, following which it released on Disney+ on December 25, 2020. (Previously, it was supposed to undergo a theatrical release but it seems as though plans changed in the wake of the pandemic). Nevertheless, people everywhere have loved the film for its stellar animation, cast, music, and narrative. On top of that, Disney-Pixar would like to cash in on the success of the film. For these reasons, it seems likely that a sequel could be greenlit. If that happens soon enough, then we can expect ‘Soul 2’ to release sometime in 2023 or 2024.

Soul 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

‘Soul’ has quite the ensemble cast, and we expect that most of them will reprise their roles. Jamie Foxx is the protagonist, Joe Gardner. He is passionate about jazz music and works as a school teacher. After an accident, his soul is separated from his body and he eventually makes it to the Great Before where he meets 22. Tina Fay voices this character. Questlove appears as Curley, whereas Phylicia Rashad is Libba, Joe’s mother (who disapproves of his music). 

Apart from this, we have Daveed Diggs who voiced Joe’s nemesis. Furthermore, Angela Bassett lends her personality to the character of Dorothea Williams, who is an esteemed jazz musician. Finally, Graham Norton is Moonwind. It seems likely that they will be missing from ‘Soul 2.’ 

Soul 2 Plot: What can it be About?

In ‘Soul,’ we meet Joe Gardner, a man who is extremely passionate about jazz music. Not only does he work as a middle school teacher, but he is also offered the opportunity to perform with the legendary musician, Dorothea Williams. However, he falls into an open manhole and is rendered in a comatose state. This is when his soul separates from his body.

Joe’s soul is then sent to the Great Beyond, which is where all souls collect before going to the white light. Somehow, he is able to escape it and enters the Great Before, where souls are morphed and trained before they are sent to Earth. There, Joe meets a very cynical soul named 22, but he must work with her in order to ensure his own survival. 

As far as the plot of ‘Soul 2’ is concerned, we think that it is likely that Pixar will continue to highlight the many contributions of African Americans to society. Moreover, we expect that the story of 22, or another soul just like hers, will be explored in depth. It would also befit the narrative if the plot is set a couple of years in the future. In this manner, we could learn more about Joe’s jazz career as well. If the first film is about never giving up on your dreams, then the second movie may just be about life after all your hopes and dreams come true. 

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