Will There Be a The Adam Project Sequel?

Image Credit: Doane Gregory/Netflix

‘The Adam Project’ is a science-fiction action-adventure film. It revolves around Adam Reed, who, at age 12, is visited by the 42-year-old version of himself. Big Adam (Ryan Reynolds) tells him that their late father built the groundwork for time travel. After his death, his partner, Maya Sorian, used his research to monetize the most valued commodity in the world — time. However, Adam’s wife, Laura, discovered that someone traveled back to 2018, but there is no record of it. She also came to 2018 to investigate but is believed to have been killed during re-entry.

Unwilling to accept this explanation, Big Adam has come to the past. Following its release, ‘The Adam Project’ garnered mixed reviews, receiving much praise for the performances and the chemistry between cast members and criticism for the generic plot. If you have already watched the film and want to know whether there will be a sequel to ‘The Adam Project,’ we got you covered.

The Adam Project Sequel Release Date

‘The Adam Project’ premiered on March 11, 2022, on Netflix. As for its sequel, here is what you need to know. Neither the producers nor Netflix executives have confirmed the development of ‘The Adam Project’ sequel. However, Netflix is known for greenlighting sequels of its successful projects. Films like ‘Extraction,’ ‘Red Notice,’ and ‘The Babysitter’ (2017) are great examples of this. ‘The Adam Project’ is the second film in which Reynolds and director Shawn Levy have worked together. Their previous collaboration, ‘Free Guy,’ was released theatrically in 2021 and has been already greenlighted for a sequel.

If ‘The Adam Project’ manages to replicate the success of the aforementioned movies, there is a legitimate chance that a sequel will happen. However, that might take a while as Reynolds and Levy will probably work on the ‘Free Guy’ sequel first. Considering all this, the sequel to ‘The Adam Project’ might come out sometime in 2024.

The Adam Project Sequel Cast: Who Is in It?

Aside from Reynolds, ‘The Adam Project’ stars Walker Scobell (Young Adam Reed), Mark Ruffalo (Louis Reed), Jennifer Garner (Ellie Reed), Zoe Saldana (Laura), Catherine Keener (Maya Sorian), and Alex Mallari Jr. (Christos).

Although the characters of Keener and Mallari Jr. die in the course of the first film, they can potentially appear in the prospective sequel as the narrative revolves around time travel. After all, Ruffalo’s Louis Reed is dead, but he is very much part of the story and appears in the film in person. The rest of the cast is most likely to reprise their roles and be joined by new members.

The Adam Project Sequel Plot: What Can It Be About?

In ‘The Adam Project,’ the Reed family successfully stopped Sorian’s plans. Older Sorian tries to shoot at the Reeds, but the bullet turns mid-air because of the particle accelerator and hits the younger version of her instead. Younger Sorian dies, and the older one gets wiped out of existence. Louis refuses to listen to what will happen to him. He and the two Adams play catch before his sons return to their respective time. Younger Adam begins to treat his mother better in 2022, and Big Adam meets Laura in the future.

In the prospective sequel, it might be revealed that someone made a copy of ISPCA or the Infinitely Shifting Plasma Containing Algorithm, allowing them to stabilize their own particle accelerator and develop their own time machine. By changing history, they can bring Sorian and Christos back and collaborate with them to go after the Reeds.

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