Will There be a The Map of Tiny Perfect Things Sequel?

Time loop narratives have always had a subtle charm to them. As viewers, we are engrossed in the happenings, and the novelty of a disjunctive time flow keeps us hooked. Some of the films might have a science-heavy approach like ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Primer,’ which challenge us to decipher the hidden meanings. On the other hand, we have films like ‘Groundhog Day,’ ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and ‘Happy Death Day,’ which uses a time loop as a narrative device to explore different themes. ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ is no less different so far as the narrative is concerned.

The film uses a time loop to craft a beautiful romantic drama. The disjunction in time acts as an impetus for the lead characters to self-introspect and achieve singularity in their emotions. Mark and Margaret are teenagers who are caught in a ‘Groundhog Day’-like situation, and they are the only ones who know about it. Mark wants to figure out a way to escape the loop, but Margaret seems to be content in her life of repetition. The reasons are revealed in the end, and ultimately, there is a resolution for their situation. If you are wondering whether a ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ sequel is on the horizon, you are at the right place!

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things Sequel Release Date

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ released on February 12, 2021, on Amazon Prime. The film was praised for its unique logic and the usage of a time loop to build a coming-of-age tale. Lev Grossman’s script is an adaptation of his own short story, which avoids delving into the details of the time loop. Nonetheless, it posits some scientific concepts like the four-dimensional cube, which are fairly easy to comprehend.

As it turns out, Margaret doesn’t want to escape the time-loop because her mother is on her death-bed. If time continues in a straight path, the protagonist will end up losing her mother. In a poignant conversation, her mother tells her to accept the eventuality and look forward to moments that await her in the future. Margaret maps out the tiny perfect things in the loop and realizes that she must create a moment to complete the map, projected as a four-dimensional cube.

Margaret unites with Mark, which gives her a perfect moment to complete the cube, and eventually, the time loop breaks. It is fair to say that the film provides a resolution to the conundrum of its characters. Both Mark and Margaret learn to appreciate their lives and finally end up together. Now, in this eventuality, a sequel seems a bit farfetched. The film provides us closure in the end as we figure out the happenings and, most importantly, ends the romantic tale with a lovable union.

Amazon Studios hasn’t yet released an official statement regarding the sequel. Moreover, Lev Grossman’s script is complete in itself and doesn’t leave any open ending. Some films with time loop have spawned sequels, but they are of a different genre- the horror ‘Happy Death Day’ continued with ‘Happy Death Day 2U’.

If this romantic drama has a sequel, we can perhaps see Mark and Margaret’s relationship blossom further, even though it is hard to predict the time loop’s re-introduction. Moreover, their electric chemistry is one of the film’s driving forces, and the filmmakers will perhaps like to bring them back. If the film is revived for a second part, we might expect ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things 2’ to release sometime in 2023.

Kathryn Newton essays the role of Margaret, whereas Kyle Allen portrays Mark. We see Jermaine Harris as Mark’s friend Henry and Anna Mikami as Phoebe, Mark’s erstwhile crush. Josh Hamilton plays the role of Mark’s father, Daniel, and Cleo Fraser features as his sister, Emma. If the sequel comes out, we can expect the above-mentioned cast members to reprise their respective roles.

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