Will There Be a The Vow Season 2?

Directed by Academy Award-nominated and Emmy award-winning Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer, HBO’s ‘The Vow’ is an intriguing yet horrific documentary series about NXIVM, a sex cult, and its enigmatic and dangerous founder and leader Keith Raniere. In it, via their own retellings, we see the reality of how former members were roped into this “self-help group” and how, once they realized that it was riddled with misogyny and sex-deprived acts, they decided to leave and face it head-on. The nuanced look at their experiences, internal conflicts, and gut feelings about the events within NXIVM was the main focus in season one. So, of course, you must be wondering what’s in store for the show’s future, right? Well, we’ve got all the details for you.

The Vow Season 2 Release Date

‘The Vow’ debuted on August 23, 2020, with the episode ‘The Science of Joy,’ wrapping up on October 18, 2020, with its finale episode, entitled ‘The Fall,’ and it has since been confirmed that HBO has renewed the series for another season. According to the HBO website and HBO MAX, where you can already stream season 1 in its entirety, we can expect The Vow season 2 to release sometime in 2021.

The Vow Season 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

‘The Vow’ features not just former members of NXIVM like Sarah Edmondson, Anthony “Nippy” Ames, Mark Vicente, and Bonnie Piesse, but it also includes people like Catherine Oxenberg, who wanted to get her daughter away from the cult’s clutches, and reporters who tried to break the organization’s story in the first place. Also incorporated is a vast trove of video footage from Keith Raniere’s heyday, which includes most of his partners/members of his inner circle. So, in season 2, we can expect all of this to make a return, along with one-on-one interviews with NXIVM’s two highest-level figures, Keith Raniere himself and co-founder Nancy Salzman, as previewed in Season 1’s finale.

The Vow Season 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

Season 1 of ‘The Vow’ showed us how members like Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman fell under Keith Raniere’s charm and went on to do terrible things at his bidding. Then, it followed the former members’ mission to expose NXVIM for what it really is: a cult engaging in racketeering, sex trafficking, and forced labor conspiracy. In part, Season 2 will follow what happened next. It will delve deeper into Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman’s own story, in their own words, and detail the Mexico-based arm of the group, where Keith was apprehended in 2018 while hiding out near Puerto Vallerta.

“Set against the backdrop of the federal trial of The United States against Keith Raniere, The Vow Part Two will offer an exclusive view into Raniere’s innermost circle,” explains the official press release from HBO. “It delves into the stories of NXIVM’s top leadership in the US and Mexico, and into powerful, intimate stories of DOS members.” The second season, it goes on to say, will follow “the legal and emotional journeys of the group’s founders, supporters and defectors as new evidence and stunning revelations come to light while federal prosecutors and defense attorneys battle for opposing views of justice in a case caught in the national spotlight.”

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