Will There be a The Voyeurs Sequel?

With Michael Mohan at the director’s chair, ‘The Voyeurs’ is an Amazon Studios original erotic thriller with carnal lust and diabolical outbursts in equal measure. The story follows Pippa and Thomas, newcomers in the neighborhood who grow a special kind of interest in their frolicking and feisty neighbors – an eccentric photographer with a penchant for exhibitionism and his seemingly timid girlfriend. As they meddle in the neighbors’ affairs, they get plunged into a plot orchestrated from beforehand.

Sydney Sweeney delivers a bold and graceful leading performance while a talented ensemble cast comprising Ben Hardy, Justice Smith, and Natasha Liu Bordizzo help her in the venture. Although the story’s twist ending is seemingly well-rounded, there may be scope for moving the story further in several different directions. If you are busy weighing the prospects of a sequel, let us help you out.

The Voyeurs Sequel Release Date

‘The Voyeurs’ premiered globally on September 10, 2021, on Amazon Prime. Let us now probe into the prospects of a spin-off of the movie.

The director himself did not spill any beans regarding a potential sequel, but that does not give us enough reason to discard the possibility altogether. Michael Mohan directed the movie from his own script, and the movie is the director’s seemingly third full-length venture, after ‘One Too Many Mornings’ and ‘Two Weeks With A Love.’ Greg Gilreath and Adam Hendricks’ production banner Divide/Conquer, which produced the movie, struck up a deal with Amazon Studios. As Amazon Studios agreed to add the title to their roster, the director ensured a larger viewership for his movie.

However, the movie created some unmistakable polarities in reception. While some thought the movie to be perfectly menacing and perverse for their imagination, for some, it lacked surprises due to its apparent resemblances to earlier ventures like those of Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch, and David Fincher. For some, however, the movie was a creepy and implausible rabbit hole replete with occasional porno and plot holes.

The script is a bit implausible, to be true, but a movie called ‘The Voyeurs’ cannot be made without some inspiration from Hitchcock. However, the resemblances to ‘Rear Window’ were particularly striking, from dead birds to menacing next-door neighbors, and even Sydney Sweeney’s brilliant performance could not save the movie from a gradual downfall in reception. At best, the movie feels like ‘Rear Window’ told from another viewpoint.

While erotic thrillers such as ‘Basic Instinct’ previously spawned a sequel, this is not a genre typically known for its sequels. Say, a horror movie has more chance to get delivered into a franchise than a thriller. Looking at the movie itself, the ending seems quite definitive. In the end, Sebastian and Julia become blind, which puts a dent in their further ventures.

A gay couple moves into the apartment of Pippa and Thomas, but it is implausible that Seb and Julia can cause any harm to the neighbors since they have lost their sight after the treatment by Pippa. Therefore, this universe seemingly does not have further scope to expand. Looking at all the aspects, it seems highly unlikely that a ‘The Voyeurs’ sequel will ever be made.

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