Will There be a The White Tiger Sequel?

In ‘The White Tiger,’ Iranian-American filmmaker Ramin Bahrani deftly balances biting satire with essentially optimistic ideas like freedom, individuality, and success. The cinematic adaptation of the Booker Prize-winning 2008 namesake novel by Bahrani’s Columbia University classmate Aravind Adiga, the film chronicles the rise of Balram Halwai (Adarsh Gourav), a man born in abject poverty, to the upper tier of society through cunning and violence. Like its source material, it delivers an unembellished commentary on social and political corruption and demonstrates how modern India has transformed social casteism into economic classism.

Following its release, ‘The White Tiger’ received mostly positive reviews, with critics praising the Netflix dark comedy for the performances by the cast members, Bahrani’s screenplay and direction, and impeccable camera work and editing. While the film’s ending is not open-ended, it does leave certain questions unanswered. If you are wondering whether there will be a sequel to answer these questions, here is what we know about it.

The White Tiger Sequel Release Date

‘The White Tiger’ premiered on January 22, 2021, on Netflix. As for its sequel, the producers are yet to release any statement on the subject. The production of any sequel ultimately depends on two factors: whether the original film is a success and whether the components left unexplored in the first film merit a revisit. ‘The White Tiger’ is no exception. Considering the responses that it has been receiving, the movie will likely be an international hit. This might make both the producers and the Netflix executives interested in developing a sequel. If that happens within the next few months, expect ‘The White Tiger’ sequel to release sometime in 2023.

Aside from Gourav, ‘The White Tiger’ stars Mahesh Manjrekar as the landlord turned businessman the Stork, Vijay Maurya as the stork’s oldest son the Mongoose, Rajkumar Rao as Balram’s master and the Stork’s youngest son Ashok, Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Ashok’s wife Pinky, Kamlesh Gill as Balram’s money-hungry grandmother, and Swaroop Sampat as the corrupted Chief Minister. The death of Rao’s character serves as a pivotal point in the original film. He will not reprise his role in the sequel, neither will Gill. It was heavily implied that Balram’s grandmother was killed, along with the rest of his family, in retribution for Ashok’s murder. The rest of the cast will likely return if the sequel is ever made.

By the time ‘The White Tiger’ ends, Balram truly embodies the eponymous animal. He has clawed his way to the topmost tier of society. A fugitive from the law, Balram is currently using the alias Ashok Sharma in a morbid tribute to the man he killed. He has set up a successful cab service called the White Tiger Drivers, which he runs with inherently capitalistic ideals. Balram, not Ashok, is the perfect representative of modern and daring India.

Balram says that he hasn’t been caught yet because he assimilated back into India’s massive servant class before emerging as someone completely different. The implication here is that the authorities couldn’t distinguish him from others of his class. This might not be accurate. Indian law enforcement can be quite effective when it wants to be. A case involving the murder of a prominent businessman’s son is probably high profile enough to get them actively and earnestly search for the killer. It may not be today or tomorrow, but the police will knock on Balram’s door at some point in the future.

‘The White Tiger’ sequel might explore that eventuality. By then, Balram might become an even more influential entrepreneur. After all, he already has plans to venture into real estate. The sequel might depict the struggle for power and dominance between Balram and the Stork.

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