Will There be a Things Heard and Seen Sequel?

Things Heard & Seen’ is the web adaptation of the 2016 book ‘All Things Cease to Appear’ by Elizabeth Brundage. The story follows the young New York couple George Claire and Catherine Claire, who purchases a 19th-century farmhouse in the fictional town of Chosen after George lands a teaching job at a local university. However, Catherine soon realizes that their new home is haunted by one of its previous residents. As the film progresses and Catherine learns about the dark and sordid past of the house, she discovers that the spirit there is quite benevolent.

Meanwhile, George’s ambitious, deceitful, and violent personality draws the attention of an evil and malicious entity in the house. Since the film’s release, it has received mixed to positive reviews, with critics praising the performances by the actors and the film’s unsettling atmosphere. If you have watched the film and are curious about a potential sequel, here is what you need to know.

Things Heard & Seen Sequel Release Date

Things Heard & Seen’ premiered on April 29, 2021, on Netflix. The movie was directed by the wife-and-husband filmmaking duo Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini (‘American Splendor’), who also adapted Brundage’s book for the screenplay. The film is set in 1980 and stars James Norton as George, Amanda Seyfried as Catherine, Ana Sophia Heger as George and Catherine’s daughter Franny, Rhea Seehorn as Justine, Natalia Dyer as Willis, Alex Neustaedter as Eddie, Emily Dorsch as Ella, and F. Murray Abraham as Floyd DeBeers.

In ‘Things Heard & Seen,’ it is revealed that George killed his cousin and claimed his artworks as his own. Later, he kills Floyd to keep him from sharing with the university HR that George submitted a forged recommendation letter. He puts Justine in a coma. However, he hesitates before killing Catherine. This is when Calvin, the house’s previous owner, uses him as a vessel and does the deed. When the film ends, George gets his comeuppance as he is led to the sea and turned into one of the damned.

As for the ‘Things Heard & Seen’ sequel, the filmmakers haven’t released any statement on the subject yet. Netflix has a long history of turning its successful films into sprawling franchises. ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ and ‘The Kissing Booth’ are great examples of this. Incidentally, those two franchises are also book adaptations. But their authors, Jenny Han (‘To All the Boys’) and Beth Reekles (‘The Kissing Booth’), envisioned and created them as book series. But Brundage seems satisfied with writing ‘All Things Cease to Appear’ as a standalone novel.

Better comparisons for ‘Things Heard & Seen’ are possibly films like ‘The White Tiger’ and ‘Moxie.’ While the production of sequels almost always depends upon the success of the original, some stories are better left alone even if the first film earns a profit at the box office. Because ultimately, these stories feel complete within the narrative of one film. And ‘Things Heard & Seen’ is one such movie. As a result, it is highly unlikely that the ‘Things Heard & Seen’ sequel will ever be released.

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