Will There be a Those Who Wish Me Dead Sequel?

Based on American author Michael Koryta’s 2014 namesake novel, ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ is a neo-noir mystery action film. It follows Hannah, a smokejumper working in the Montana wilderness. She has been dealing with seemingly insurmountable guilt since she failed to save three children during a wildfire. She gets a chance to redeem herself after encountering a young boy named Connor. Hannah soon learns that the boy is on the run from his father’s killers. The film has garnered mostly positive reviews since its release. If you have watched ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ and want to know whether there will be a sequel, we have got you covered.

Those Who Wish Me Dead Sequel Release Date

‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ premiered on May 14, 2021, in the US and Canadian theaters and on HBO Max. On the latter, the viewers can stream the film for one month, after which it will be withdrawn until it becomes available in the home media format. In South Korea, the film was released on May 5, 2021.

As for the ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ sequel, the filmmakers haven’t made any official statement on the subject yet. ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ is a standalone novel, so no material is readily available for a sequel. If the filmmakers decide to develop one, Koryta will have to publish a sequel novel in the intermediate period, or scriptwriters will need to develop an original story.

Fortunately, Koryta already worked on the script of the first film. That makes the chances of his involvement with the development of the sequel quite plausible. The film ends without answering certain questions, so there is potentially a story there. It ultimately depends upon how the film performs commercially. If the filmmakers think its success merits a revisit to the story and the project gets greenlit in the next few months, expect the ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ sequel to come out sometime in 2022.

Those Who Wish Me Dead Sequel Cast: Who Can Be in It?

The film stars Angelina Jolie as Hannah and Finn Little as Connor. Jon Bernthal portrays Ethan, and Medina Senghore plays Ethan’s pregnant wife, Allison. Aidan Gillen and Nicholas Hoult portray the two assassins, Jack and Patrick, respectively. The film’s cast also includes Tyler Perry as Jack and Patrick’s boss, Arthur, and Jake Weber as Connor’s father, Owen. Bernthal, Gillen, Hoult, and Weber will not appear in the prospective sequel as their characters are dead, except maybe in flashback scenes. The rest of the cast will likely reprise their roles.

Those Who Wish Me Dead Sequel Plot: What Can It Be About?

As ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead ends,’ Allison kills Jack, and Patrick is burned in wildfire after Hannah incapacitates him. She and Connor survive the fire by submerging themselves in a stream. The following day, they prepare to talk to the media. Allison also survives the night on top of the watchtower, but Ethan, who has been hit by at least a few bullets despite wearing a vest, succumbs to his injury.

The ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ sequel can be set immediately after the original film. Arthur might send a second group of assassins to neutralize Connor and everyone around him. But it might be too late for that, as when the film opens, Connor will likely have already spoken to the media. Arthur’s mysterious client(s) might serve as the main antagonist of the film.

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