Will There be a Thunder Force Sequel?

There have been plenty of superhero films in the past, but what Ben Falcone’s ‘Thunder Force’ manages to do is to humanize superheroes and give them a thick layer of comedy. The story follows two high school best friends, Lydia and Emily, who reunite under unexpected circumstances to form a killer team. As the genetically modified villains called miscreants ransack the city, the two middle-aged superwomen must rise to the occasion and save the city from the bad guys.

Backed by a star-studded cast with the highlights being Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer and driven by a sumptuously fun script, the film is unexpectedly refreshing in its portrayal of larger-than-life characters with superhuman abilities. The film ends on a seemingly conclusive note while keeping enough room for taking the story forward. If you are curious to know about the prospective sequel of ‘Thunder Force,’ we are here to keep you in the loop.

Thunder Force Sequel Release Date

‘Thunder Force’ premiered on April 9, 2021, on the streaming platform Netflix. However, as a Netflix exclusive production, the film did not get a theatrical release.

Director Ben Falcone has expressed interest in following up the franchise with a sequel in several interviews. In one such instance, he spoke about the costume designing of the film and why he chose dark grey in superhero armors against something flashier like a bright tomato red. In an afterthought, he jokingly said that the sequel could be named ‘Thunder Force 2: The Tomato.’

On a more serious note and in all probability, the name of the sequel will be something different, but the prospects of a sequel are surely visible on the horizon. While the director’s words alone do not guarantee the inevitability of a sequel, the film met with great response from global audiences due to the perfectly balanced cocktail of superhero antics and hilarious bantering that it creates.

At the end of the film, the nefarious miscreants are still alive and kicking, and there remains scope for the expansion of the original story. As superhero films are rarely standalone, the audience can very well expect a sassy sequel. While Ben Falcone appears to be busy with the post-production of the musical ‘Margie Claus,’ if the follow-up is approved soon, the audience may expect ‘Thunder Force 2′ to release sometime in 2023 or later.

Thunder Force Sequel Cast: Who can be in It?

‘Thunder Force’ stars Melissa McCarthy (Lydia/Hammer) and Octavia Spencer (Emily/Bingo) in central roles, as they form the dynamic superhero duo of the eponymous task force. Most likely, they will return for another haul in the sequel, as the movie will lose much of its eccentricity without their presence. And as Melissa McCarthy stars in quite a lot of films of her director husband Ben Falcone, we can be certain of her comeback in the sequel.

In the roles of the miscreants, Jason Bateman (Crab), Bobby Cannavale (The King), and Pom Klementieff (Laser) are also expected to return on set since none of their characters die at the end of the first film. Moreover, Taylor Mosby will, in all likelihood, reprise her role as Emily’s daughter Tracy, who has only found her superpowers at the end of the first film. In another significant role, Melissa Ponzio may return as the mayor Rachel Gonzales.

Thunder Force Sequel Plot: What can it be About?

At the end of ‘Thunder Force,’ the good guys have won, but the miscreants get away scot-free. The King is held in police custody, Laser is on the run, and Crab falls for the powerful and charming woman in Lydia. The inconclusive note in which the film ends paves the way for a sequel.

The sequel of ‘Thunder Force’ will most likely expand the universe of superheroes by adding new characters into the mix. As we have seen, Tracy has unleashed her superpowers in the final moments of the film, and in the future, more heroes are expected to join the league. The sequel will probably also take forward the blooming love story of Crab and Hammer. Will The King come back to get his revenge on Hammer, or will it be some other miscreant killing mortals for fun? Only time will tell.

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