Will There be a Trial 4 Season 2?

Over the past few years, there has been an obvious influx in the distribution of true-crime tales across virtually every platform. You can barely get on the internet without stumbling upon a video, podcast, documentary, or a series that explores some of the most brutal crimes or injustices that have occurred in the nation and around the world.

Considering the current political climate, the ones that cover racial prejudices and police corruption are the ones that are getting the most traction these days. So, it is no surprise that Netflix came out with ‘Trial 4’ this year. But now that it has wrapped up, let’s find out if there is a possibility of a season 2, shall we?

Trial 4 Season 2 Release Date

‘Trial 4’ debuted on Netflix on November 11, 2020. With eight episodes, all released at the same time, it chronicles the tale of Sean K. Ellis, who spent 21 years, 7 months, and 29 days behind bars after being wrongfully convicted of the 1993 execution-style murder of a Boston Police Detective by the name of John Mulligan. Directed by Rémy Burkel and executive produced by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, it highlights how Sean fought for his freedom after corrupt cops misled the murder investigation and withheld evidence so that their own reality wouldn’t come to light.

After all, the victim was in cahoots with them, so if he was looked into, it would have meant trouble for them all. The name ‘Trial 4’ comes from the number of court hearings that Sean was ordered to stand in. He was put on three trials within a single year, in 1995, and it was only after the third one that Sean, at the age of 19, was convicted of first-degree murder and armed robbery. In 2015, though, after the above-mentioned points came to light, Sean was released from prison on bail and ordered a re-trail, the fourth one in his long-journey for justice.

As he awaits his final verdict and thinks of the prospect of going back to jail, we see the effects the justice system can have on a person and how, just because of skin color, the innocent can easily be painted as guilty. But fortunately, it ends with all the charges against Sean Ellis getting dropped. Therefore, as far as the possibility of ‘Trial 4’ season 2 goes, it doesn’t seem plausible. After all, Sean’s story ends on a positive note.

Yes, Sean didn’t receive a full exoneration, but it was one nonetheless, so there is no point in dragging it all out. However, in saying that, if there is a major update in Detective John Mulligan’s murder case, like if the real killer is caught or if incriminating evidence against someone else is discovered, there is no reason that the creators won’t take up the opportunity to document that process and premiere it to us in a brand new season. It would technically be the same case and continue the same story, so why not.

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