Will There be a Vicky and Her Mystery Sequel?

Image Credit: Éric Travers/Radar Films

Set in Cantal, France, Denis Imbert’s drama film ‘Vicky and Her Mystery’ centers around the heart-warming bond between the eight-year-old Victoria and her pet Mystery. Victoria walks into a world of joyousness with her new pet upon recovering from the grief caused by the untimely death of her mother due to a terminal disease. However, their contented lives get challenged when the truth about Mystery startles the villagers.

Originally titled ‘Mystère,’ the French movie received a favorable reception from critics, who praised the moving narrative and Shanna Keil’s performance as Victoria. Along with a commendable critical consensus, the film also recorded impressive viewership on Netflix. Since the tearjerker ends with stirring viewers’ hearts, one must be wondering about the prospects of a sequel to carry the tale forward. On that note, here’s everything you need to know!

Vicky and Her Mystery Sequel Release Date

‘Vicky and Her Mystery’ released globally on December 24, 2021, on Netflix. Prior to its arrival on the streaming giant, the film was screened at Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival on October 23, 2021, and released in France on December 15, 2021.

As far as a sequel is concerned, here’s what we know! Director Denis Imbert or production company Radar Films has not yet announced a ‘Vicky and Her Mystery’ sequel. However, the international recognition the movie received upon its release on Netflix may influence the creators of the film to think about a potential sequel. If the viewership of the movie satisfies the streaming giant, there is even a possibility that Netflix may lead discussions with Radar Films for a second iteration.

The narrative of ‘Vicky and Her Mystery’ ends with Victoria releasing Mystery to the valley for his safety from the armed farmers of the village. Since the movie ends with their tragic separation, a sequel can be conceived with a positive approach by reuniting Victoria and Mystery. Such a story arc also opens a gateway for Denis Imbert to explore their relationship after a period of detachment. A narrative that’s set in a different region where Mystery wouldn’t be threatened can be envisioned as well.

Over the years, films about pets have received incredible receptions from the audiences, occasionally resulting in sequels. The success of movies like ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ and ‘White Fang’ resulted in respective sequels, which can also be the case with the Denis Imbert-directorial. Thus, if greenlit soon, we can expect the ‘Vicky and Her Mystery’ sequel to release sometime in 2023 or later.

If greenlit, the viewers can expect Shanna Keil’s charming performance as Victoria to grace the screens again in the sequel. The appealing relationship between Victoria and her father Stéphane (Vincent Elbaz) may also be a significant part of the possible second iteration. But more than anything, Victoria and Mystery’s irresistible bond is expected to be the heart and soul of the potential sequel of ‘Vicky and Her Mystery.’

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