Will There Be a Vincenzo Season 2?

‘Vincenzo’ is hailed as one of the best Korean dramas of 2021 so far. With its tightly wound, fast-paced story and amazing, hair-raising action, the show has set a benchmark for all the shows yet to arrive in the following months. Starring popular actor Song Joong-ki in the titular role, the drama series follows the journey of an anti-hero who is caught up in a fight of evil versus greater evil and is playing to win. The thrilling narrative does not give the audience a hero they can get behind, but a villain they can cheer for as he eliminates a bigger, more malicious threat.

The main character in the show is a Korean-Italian consigliere for a mafia family, and he has zero qualms about killing people. ‘Vincenzo’ has been praised by critics and audiences alike, with each episode progressively better than the last. With the end of the first season, viewers and fans have been clamoring for any information about a possible second season. If you’re looking to find out whether another season of ‘Vincenzo’ is in the works and what its release date would be, then you’re in the right place. Here’s what we know.

Vincenzo Season 2 Release Date

‘Vincenzo’ season 1 premiered on February 20, 2021, on the Korean cable channel tvN and Netflix. Two episodes aired each week, on Saturday and Sunday, until the finale released on May 2, 2021.

With regards to the second season, no news of renewal has been heard so far. The makers of the show, the channel, or Netflix, have released no statement yet on whether the show will return for another season. Fans would know that it is pretty regular for K-dramas to be mostly limited to a single season. In general terms, it is extremely rare for a Korean show to continue for another season beyond the first. The narratives in most K-dramas are wrapped up neatly by the final episode of season 1, as is the case with ‘Vincenzo.’

In the show, Vincenzo Cassano arrives in Seoul, South Korea, to retrieve a secret fortune, but the hidden gold is inaccessible to him. While formulating a plan to get his hands on the stash of gold, Vincenzo strikes a friendship with an honest, selfless lawyer fighting for the rights of the lower-income group who are being bullied by a destructive, greedy conglomerate. When the lawyer gets murdered in cold blood, Vincenzo finds his priorities changing. He decides to extend his stay in Korea to continue the lawyer’s fight against Babel Group, giving the conglomerate a taste of its own medicine. Vincenzo’s underhanded, ethically questionable moves and remorseless killing are a true match for Babel’s evil.

The first season ends with Vincenzo completing his revenge by killing the two main villains. After he burns Myung-hee alive, he tracks down Jang Han-seok and sets up a drill, ‘The Spear of Atonement,’ to kill him slowly and painfully. Mr. Cho and Mr. Ahn provide Vincenzo with a new identity which he uses to escape prosecution for his crimes in Korea and go back to Italy. There’s a tearful goodbye with Cha-young, but the couple eventually meets again after some time has passed, and Vincenzo tells her about the island he has purchased.

The finale ends with Vincenzo narrating how he has taken up a new hobby – getting rid of “garbage.” He understands he is a villain, and he is comfortable in that knowledge, also knowing that villains like him are needed to get rid of true evil like Babel. The story comes a full circle with no loose ends anywhere, but the way it ends leaves a window open for future continuation if a second season is greenlit. If the show is renewed by mid-2021, we can expect ‘Vincenzo’ season 2 to release sometime in Spring 2022.

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